Jean Cudmore

Careers Counsellor and Springboard Trainer

Jean started her career in staff management with Bhs in Manchester. A main focus of her work was to work with staff at all levels to develop them in their role and encourage them to move on within the company.

In the  1980’s when her husband was posted abroad she worked as an Executive Secretary for the Director of Operations at the NATO base in The Netherlands. She found working as a civilian in this military and international setting challenging and exciting.

On her return to UK Jean started a Social Sciences degree with the Open University and also started a family. Over the next few years she became Chairman of Governors of the local primary school and did voluntary work with the probation service.  This led to the paid role of Assistant Manager at a Probation hostel. After completing her degree and gaining a certificate in counselling Jean looked for a way to return to developing people in a focussed and practical way.  In 1992 when  her husband was posted away from home she relocated (with her two boys) to Manchester for  a year so that she could take up a place at Manchester Metropolitan University on  the Post Graduate Certificate in Careers Guidance course. A core part of this training is that you have to work with the whole person, with all their life experiences taken into account.  This way of working remains central to Jean’s values for her professional life.

Back in Devon Jean worked for several years for the Careers Service.  This involved working with adults and young people providing advice and guidance on education, training and employment; and   liaising and negotiating with schools, training providers and employers.  Jean left careers for two years to work as a development tutor for an organisation providing basic skills training.  While there Jean forged links with the TUC and developed and ran two in-house training programmes for British Bakeries and BAE systems. Alongside this work Jean took the opportunity to study part time for the post graduate certificate in education and training at Plymouth University.

Jean returned to the Careers Service for four years before leaving to care for a relative.  Jean now works for herself as an independent careers counsellor and coach.  Jean trained as a Springboard trainer in 2013 and considers her careers work and the Springboard programme complement each other.

Jean enjoys working with people as they explore opportunities that come their way. Encouraging them to challenge barriers to their success –  whether these barriers are external or internal. Providing the guidance and the tools which will enable them to plan their own career path and  supporting them as they create their own chances to succeed in the workplace and beyond.