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Abuse Service to support male victim of domestic abuse blast Male sexual exploitation services for those who are or might experience child sexual exploitation (CSE) Information, support and counselling for male survivors of rape and sexual abuse, as well as friends and family. UK Branch of the global campaign to ensure men take more responsibility for working to end violence against women Men and Women working together to end Domestic Violence. Provides a range of services including services for perpetrators, male victims, young people

Armed services

Crime/criminal justice – British Crime Survey

Home Office – GOV.UK › government › organisations › home-office – Wide and varied range of information and statistics relating to crime and justice
Home Office Statistical Bulletin, Homicides, Firearms Offences and Intimate Violence. (1/10)
Nicholas A., Kershaw C., Walker A., Crime in England and Wales, Home Office Statistical Bulletin 11/07
Coleman K., Kird C., Povey D., 2006: Violent Crime Overview, Homicide and Gun Crime 2004/5. Home Office Statistical Bulletin 02/06, London Home Office
Brookman Maguire M., 2001: Reducing Homicide: A Review of Possibilities. Home Office online report 01/03

Domestic violence

Education › government › organisations › department-for-education – Wide range of information and statistics relating to education
DFES Gender and Education: The Evidence on Pupils in England, Nottingham, DFES Publications
DFES, ibid, and Cameron C., Moss P., Owen C., 1999: Men in the Nursery: Gender and Caring Work, Paul Chapman Publishing – Range of information and statistics
The General Teaching Council of England (GTC): 25 Sep, 2009

Education Statistics | Gain Valuable Insights |

Department for Education Statistical Release

Office for National Statistics: Home – Wide range of information and reports relating to society in general including families – Range of information and reports relating to human rights

Equality and Human Rights Commission survey 2009
NatCen Social Research – Range of information relating to social trends

Crompton R., Lyonette C., 2008: Who Does the Housework? The Division of Labour Within the Home. British Social Attitudes 24th Report, National Centre for Social Research, London, SAGE‎  Lewis C., 2000: A Man’s Place is in the Home: Fathers and Family in the UK. Foundations 440, Joseph Rowntree Foundation  Office of National Statistics, 2005: Focus on Families‎ Legal and General ‘Value of a Dad’ survey, June 2009 Crompton R., Lyonette C., 2008: ibid Bradshaw J., Stimpson C., Skinner C., Williams J., 1999: Absent Fathers, Routledge About the latent sexism experienced by male primary carers Supporting all parents to have meaningful contact and relationships following parental separation

Health – mental

Health – physical

Men’s Health Forum  Office of National Statistics (ONS) P. Baker Trends and Urology in Men’s Health

Weight – A wide range of information – mhw Men’s Health Week

Health – general To improve the Health of men and boys – research, awareness, advocacy, information and advice. Great Publications in the Haynes Manual style Promoting Better health and wellbeing for men For those affected by Testicular Cancer. Movember United Kingdom – The Movember Foundation – stopping Men dying too young – action on Men’s Health Boys 2 Men and Father Figures Take lads AND DADS ON A Range of challenging, fun and adventurous activities, strengthening the bond between them and helping them to trust each other more Supporting men with eating disorders, carers and families Campaign to stop male genital mutilation

Health – mental CALM Campaign against Living Miserably – preventing male suicides in the UK online support to men of all ages

Men’s Development – Men Manhood and Masculinity A network of organisations, academics, journalists, professionals and leaders committed to highlighting and acting on the gender-specific issues that affect men and boys. Creating a positive and constructive public discussion about men, manhood and masculinity A global alliance of networks working collectively towards gender justice, and human rights. A practical reporting method for women about lived sexism An online magazine committed to pioneering conversations about men, manhood and masculinity Challenges discrimination, protects and promotes human rights. The role on behalf of government is to help make Britain fairer.,uk Committed to positive social change through personal development and community building The UK focus for International Men’s Services supporting men’s health issues Projects and Services particularly for young men Exploring how inequalities may be a product of the different choices men and women make and the different values held. Opening up discussion Global Action on Men’s Health International organisation supporting worldwide and national health action for men and boys Campaign for Gender Equality HeForShe is inviting people around the world to stand together to create a bold, visible force for gender equality To enable boys and men to discover their unique potential and apply their gifts in service to themselves, each other and the community at large Adults supporting young men during their transition from childhood to adulthood. Rites of passage, training and local meet ups MenSpeak Men’s Groups The GREAT initiative A gender equality charity working to tackle through education and workplaces the root causes of gender inequality The Men’s Development Network Ireland Humanist Counter Theory Education and encouragement to men and boys; to lift them above the din of misandry; to reject the unhealthy demands of gynocentrism. Deep Diving Men talking about men and masculinity – physical ensemble process Duncan Alldridge

Population Office of National Statistics (ONS)

Stop It Now | Get Anonymous Hel Today‎ – Help with use and addiction to pornography

Rough sleeping‎ – Information and support relating to rough sleeping – Terence Higgins Trust: Information and support relating to sexuality

Sexual violence‎ Key issue: Male victims of sexual violence Key issue: Institutional responses to male survivors of rape

Stalking –

Statistics Government statistics. A world resource on information for men. Joseph Rowntree Foundation: source of important research on issues around men, masculinity and fatherhood. Online journals including men and masculinities, gender and sexuality, family studies. Office for National Statistics – ONS Man and Boys Coalition – MBC Equalities and Human Rights Commission UN Gender statistics

Wellbeing‎ Challenges faced by marginalised men

Office for National Statistics Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings
Office for National Statistics Statistical Bulletin: Labour market Office Focus on Gender, 2008. Labour market Monthly, Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform – GOV.UK  Organisations
Walsh I., 2008: Flexible Working: a view of how to extend flexible working to parents of older children. London Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform
The return of the long hours culture, TUC, 2008, using ONS unpublished stats
Berthoud R., 2007: Work Rich and Work Poor: three decades of change.  Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the Policy Press – National Centre for Social Research
Crompton R., Lionette C., 2007: Are we all working too hard: women, men and changing attitudes to employment. British Social Attitudes 23rd Report, National Centre for Social Research, London, SAGE Working Fathers Earning and Caring, University of East Anglia EOC, 2003 The return of the long hours culture, TUC, 2008, using ONS unpublished stats