The Springboard Consultancy runs training and development programmes globally.

We specialise in developing people at all stages of their lives. Our thoughtfully crafted series of programmes are suited to all aspects of working and personal life.

The Springboard Consultancy runs training and development programmes globally specialising in developing people at all stages of their lives.

We believe that the transformation of an organisation starts with those who are at the heart of the business – the people.

We can support and help build your organisation by driving your equality agenda through a suite of courses that provide solutions to issues such as: –

Cultural change
Unconscious bias
The gender pay gap
The lack of representation of minorities in and throughout the workplace including BAME, disability and LGBTQ
Reintroducing talent by helping returners back into the workplace after a career break
Attracting new talent
Issues of ageing employees and cross skilling your workforce

Individual long-term change has the potential to transform your organisation and boost your bottom line. All of these contributes are proven to create added value and achieve higher performance within your workforce. They encourage effective team building, and the ability to deal with change whilst building employee resilience.

Take our full programmes, bite size courses or especially tailored course options.

We are on a mission to…

This is as true today as it was three decades ago and here at The Springboard Consultancy we are tirelessly working towards this goal.


Here are a few of the fantastic statistics that The Springboard Consultancy has already delivered…

People Trained
Trainers Licensed
Plus Certified Trainers


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Inspirational Video

Look at the YouTube video of two Springboard participants in Yemen talking about what the Springboard programme has done for them.