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Monthly Archives: October 2017

30 Black History Months – Elaine Tomlinson


October is Black History Month and wanting to find out more, I did what any self-respecting individual would do….I asked Siri! After wading through all that internet noise, she (Siri) found that Black History Month in Britain is 30 years old this year and is 90 years old in the USA. Even though America has 60 years on us, 30 is a special and significant birthday none the less… right?! According to THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO BLACK HISTORY MONTH UK, this is a time of celebration; recognising and valuing the inspirational individuals and events from within the BME communities…with important reference [...]

30 Black History Months – Elaine Tomlinson2020-07-08T21:15:25+01:00



The Springboard Consultancy is broadening its training portfolio with the launch of a brand new personal and work development programme called ‘Boost’, which helps people to develop essential skills needed in the early stages of their careers. The Boost programme prepares participants to develop their careers quickly and effectively by instilling a positive sense of direction, boosting self-confidence, and teaching individuals how to become more career ‘savvy’ as they first enter the world of work. The course also provides clear, practical and realistic career goals, boosting personal effectiveness, improving communication skills and assertiveness, and helping people to achieve their potential. [...]


Help, I’ve run aground! – Rebecca Winn, Winnthinking Development


I’ve just returned from a most enjoyable holiday with friends, floating serenely along the Shropshire Union canal on a narrowboat. It’s the gentlest of pastimes, intercut with frantic moments of activity. And tea. Lots of tea. When we arrived to pick up Sir Valadon on a sunny Saturday afternoon we were welcomed by our smiling host, who ran through all the technical stuff we needed to know. He did it clearly and expertly, checking in with us regularly and making sure we had understood and retained the information. He was a good teacher. He showed us how to read the [...]

Help, I’ve run aground! – Rebecca Winn, Winnthinking Development2020-07-08T21:15:26+01:00

Homage to Mrs Columbo – Elaine Tomlinson


Now I’m not a fan of reruns, but I recently watched an episode of Columbo and there is something about this series, even though I’ve watched it countless of times; that whenever it’s on, on a lazy Sunday afternoon I just can’t resist watching it! Anyway, there was a scene, which went something like this… Columbo: Sergeant, come in here Sergeant – enters the room: Yes Lieutenant [Columbo] Columbo: Have you seen one of these before? Sergeant: No – never seen one of those before [pointing to something on the desk]. What is it? Columbo: A facsimile machine! Remember them?… [...]

Homage to Mrs Columbo – Elaine Tomlinson2020-07-08T21:15:26+01:00

Getting Stuff Done – Elaine Tomlinson


I got to the shopping centre early one Sunday (an hour early to be exact – misread the opening time). I thought I’d take advantage of my forward planning and decided to grab a coffee before starting my mission! I noticed that there was a queue outside the Apple store. I kept checking my watch, as I knew there was still some time to go before the centre opened and even asked the man sat next to me, if we still had 45 mins to go before the shops opened – he said I got the time right! Not wanting [...]

Getting Stuff Done – Elaine Tomlinson2020-07-08T21:15:27+01:00
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