The Springboard Consultancy is broadening its training portfolio with the launch of a brand new personal and work development programme called ‘Boost’, which helps people to develop essential skills needed in the early stages of their careers.

The Boost programme prepares participants to develop their careers quickly and effectively by instilling a positive sense of direction, boosting self-confidence, and teaching individuals how to become more career ‘savvy’ as they first enter the world of work.

The course also provides clear, practical and realistic career goals, boosting personal effectiveness, improving communication skills and assertiveness, and helping people to achieve their potential.

Boost was successfully piloted during early 2017 in response to demand from employers who wanted to help their staff develop career goals, make the most of their potential and to become more valuable employees much faster. The pilot saw 300 people complete the programme and following its incredibly positive reception from individuals and employers it is now being rolled out throughout the UK.  

The programme is structured and delivered over four one-day group workshops which include: learning and development, mentoring, job shadowing, information and resources, as well as an opportunity to hear from inspirational guest speakers and role models. 

Karen Daly-Gherabi, Managing Director for Springboard Consultancy said:

“We are very excited to be expanding our portfolio, especially at this time as we have now trained a quarter of a million people world wide on Springboard courses.

“Boost provides enables people to have a clear understanding as to what they want to achieve through their career just as they are starting it.”

Yvonne Coolbear, Coolbear Training who is a licensed Boost trainer said:

“Throughout the pilot we have watched individuals go from strength to strength.  It is brilliant, exhausting, full-on, inspiring, encouraging, motivating and developmental.”

Uchenna Anocuru, British Council said on attending the course:

“The Boost programme was very beneficial to my needs. It has provided me with the drive I need to get out, seek opportunities to do better and get to where I want to be.”

Boost is the sixth training course in the Springboard Consultancy’s portfolio which are suitable for individuals, private companies, universities, public and third sector organisations that wish to empower and develop their employees.

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