Everyone wants to get on their career but as you climb the ladder not everyone can reach the top spot. Here are six invaluable tips on how you can make yourself that person no one can do without and be in line for every promotion that comes your way.

Carry yourself with confidence

If you believe you can do something then the people around you will feel that confidence. With an air of surety you will give those around you the incentive to bring you onto more projects and get involved in more decisions within the organisation.

Always be a team player

Employers like someone who is committed to the greater good of the team and the success of the organisation. A good employee volunteers their efforts before they are asked. Put yourself forward for tasks and take the initiative. You will get noticed.

Make yourself indispensable

Just because you have been with an organisation for a while, don’t forget that sometimes the small things are those that save the day. Getting the coffee or setting up a meeting room or saving your boss from forgetting his daughter’s birthday could be the extra mile that makes you essential to keep around.

Keep learning

Don’t sit on your laurels waiting for things to come to you. Put yourself on that social media webinar or sign up for an out of hours industry event, it shows that you are willing to learn new things, it will keep developing your skill base and will also be invaluable to your team and your boss too.

Prioritise your tasks

There are always a million things to do in a busy organisation. Make sure that you sort your tasks and roles into delivering those that are the most valuable first and foremost. It helps everyone and shows you can manage more.

Automate your reminders

When things are hectic this is a lifesaver. Set yourself automatic reminders that pop on your screen or phone and remind you what has to be done on a certain day or at a certain time.

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