My name is Corinne Giely, I am vegetarian and I’ve practised meditation and yoga for 17 years. My career is as an international executive. Participation in the Springboard women’s development training opened my eyes about the need women have to develop assertivity and networking in order to maintain a good work life balance. Our presence at the top in corporations and society to lead projects and teams is essential to build equity and stimulate other women to get financial independence, dignity, power and inspire the girls to follow our steps in sectors labelled masculine like technology and engineering.

Through my work with companies, I’ve realise that building a culture of diversity brings more engagement, productivity and the feeling of belonging to the employees and a sense of social responsibility to the board and leadership teams.

I’ve worked and lived in France, England and more recently in Brazil where I opened up my Women and Girls leadership training consultancy. I offer  three programmes all dedicated to develop women leadership, to have more women in organisations taking decisions and managing budgets and help girls enter the workplace with assertivity and achieve professional career aligned with her aspirations.

  • Springboard for executive women from all sectors
  • Springtech for women in tech in partnership with Anitas (Women in Tech)
  • Sprint for girls from community in partnership with NGO Inspiring Girls Brasil

Our programmes are a reference and reported as UN Sustainable Development Goal number 5 actions (gender equity).

All programmes are in-person training and available in three languages: French, English and Portuguese.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your company or NGO needs. We will be very happy to share our experience and expertise in the matter of diversity, women and girls leadership.

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