Emily is a coach, facilitator and licenced Springboard trainer with a passion to see people empowered to live courageously – to reach their full potential both in work and across the whole of life.  The Springboard Women’s Development Programme is a powerful programme which unlocks just that kind of thriving.  Here are some of the outcomes reported by participants on her most recent Springboard Programme:

“Really worthwhile, I feel like something has clicked!”   “[I’ve realised…] I’m worth more than I thought!”

“I will take on more responsibility without fear and hesitation.  My work on boundaries will help me stay healthy and happy”

“I would recommend this programme …it has provided insight, confidence, tools & resources that are very much needed.”   “10 out of 10!”

Emily is the Director of Courage to Thrive, a social enterprise which supports individuals, teams and communities move from surviving to thriving.  Whilst its community focus is Poole/Bournemouth and the surrounding area, her business model frees her to work with private, public and third sector organisations throughout the UK as a licensed Springboard trainer.

What could it look like if all your people were fully engaged and tapping into their true potential?  What might that mean for their careers, for them as individuals, for your organisation, and for their wider contexts?  The human spirit has immense untapped potential. In the fast-changing, complex world of today the key resource in any organisation is its employees. How can we see people switch back on to that potential and empower them to be their best?  To discover inherent courage and creativity in order for both your employees and your organisation to thrive?

With a Master’s Degree in Social Sciences and 20 years’ experience of working in the voluntary and community sectors, Emily’s skills and passion lie in releasing untapped potential; particularly in empowering women grow in confidence and competency.  Investing in women’s potential to progress through an organisation is proven to contribute to thriving successful workplaces, whilst effectively tackling the stubborn gender pay gap.  Springboard is an exceptional programme empowering your female workforce to grow and flourish, in turn releasing tangible benefits for your organisation with demonstrable outcomes including improved:

  • problem solving skills
  • self-confidence & assertiveness
  • co-operation with colleagues
  • motivation
  • willingness to take on more responsibilities
  • resilience amidst change

Get in touch to explore how Springboard could bring significant benefits in your context, and how we could work together to unlock potential.

“Emily has a strength that gives her the ability to ‘lead from the bottom up’. She gently, and with the greatest care, creates an environment in which others can thrive. As a consequence, she generates the conditions where learning can happen.”  

  Janette Scott-Tams – Transformational Learning Facilitator

Emily Bradbury
07962 561677

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