More companies realise today that its smart to invest in staff training, but faced with so many choices of training providers how can you be sure of receiving the best return on your training investment?  With more than 20 years experience with both individuals and businesses in role of coach, mentor and trainer, my overall mission both at work and on a personal level, remains to ‘help others’.  My studies and training have included Industrial Psychology, Criminology, Communication, Business and Life Coaching, NBI Brain Instruments, Springboard Women’s Personal Development.

My business is KZN based but courses can be run on a countrywide based.  The services include:

  • Springboard Women’s Development Programme, the extraordinary successful development course for women, in both corporate and individual options
  • Soft Skills Training to assist businesses to motivate an inspire their employees to strive for peak performance levels, as evidence has shown this to be one of the key drivers for successful business performance.  Examples of courses offered are Customers Services, Change Management, Listening Skills, Team Building, Decision Making, Communication Skills and many more.
  •  Business Coaching involves partnering with business owners to clarify business goals, work through stumbling blocks and to improve performance levels.  The role of the Business Coach is to coach business owners to build sustainable businesses, offering support, guidance and encouragement to them and their staff.
  • NBI Whole Brain Profiling using a tool that is a descriptive and non-judgmental analysis of an individuals thinking preference which provides valuable insight into the way they communicate, make decisions, work in teams etc.  The tool enables improved intra- and interpersonal understanding, acceptance and focused teamwork.

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