I have been a licensed Springboard trainer since June 2008 but, my interaction with the Springboard Consultancy spans as far back as 1996 when I attended the programme whilst working for Nat West Bank. At the time I had no idea I was part of a case study (found this out when I got licensed!) The Springboard so impressed me that I yearned to become a licensed trainer and was thrilled when I succeeded years later.

My experience of delivering the Springboard Programme is quite eventful. I have successfully delivered the programme within two of the largest NHS Trust mergers in the UK and Europe being Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and Barts Health NHS Trust.
I have a passion for people and their empowerment, development and accomplishment and, by using Storytelling, and other training tools and techniques… I can help Individuals, Teams and Organisations to “Realise, Unlock & Release Their Potential”…. to be the Best that they can be.

I am a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach and Leadership Consultant and, have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the corporate and public sector organisations and am a highly accomplished HRD specialist within the Leadership, Learning & Development arena with an MA in Human Resource Development and a Chartered Member of the CIPD.

As well as running Springboard, I have a wide range of other service offerings; which includes change management, stress management and presentation styles techniques as well as career coaching and career resume and interviews skills. The content can be tailored by incorporating it into organisational change initiatives, ensuring that there is a connectedness with what is actually going on within the organisational infrastructure.

I am dynamic in my style as a trainer and presenter, and by using storytelling techniques, I am able to bring energy, enthusiasm and motivation to all arenas.

Qualified in EQ-i2.0, MBTI and FIRO-B assessment tools for individuals and teams as well as the NHS 360 Feedback.

Participant’s comments:

Jacqueline is an inspiration to everyone, she is brilliant at what she does, I had the privilege to be on Springboard led by Jacqueline it was the best course I had been on in ages, Jacqueline leads by example and nothing is too much trouble for her makes you feel valued as a human being, I would work with her, for her as she makes you feel included and valued.

Jacqui’s style of learning and leadership is a huge bonus to her professionalism and knowledge. She practices what she delivers and gives ample encouragement all the way throughout her courses. Jacqui facilitated the Women’s Springboard Programme that I attended early 2008 and I can quite honestly say that on meeting her and on completion of the programme, it was the first day of the rest of my life!

I had the fortune of seeing Jacqui in action leading on her Springboard programme at Imperial College Healthcare. As well as being an inspirational facilitator, Jacqui embodies all that Springboard is about and is an amazing role model of doing the right thing and finding success.

Jacqueline is an individual that I would highly recommend, why? Because she is effervescent, bright and inspiring, bringing energy and drive to everything she does. Jacqueline is a person of high integrity and values, she is one of those unusual people that actually lives her values and can be trusted not to compromise on those.

I found the Springboard programme to be very inspiring and also a great confidence booster. Jacqueline was very encouraging during the workshops and she helped us women to appreciate our capabilities and develop our potential. Thank you Jacqueline, it was lovely attending the programme and, I am so glad I attended as it has positively impacted me in my professional life.

I am writing to testify of the significance of the Springboard programme in my life: The impact has been great as it boosted my confidence as a woman and as a teacher. It empowered me to appreciate my capabilities and understand my limitations as a professional and when to seek support and help.  Not only that, it made me understand that though hard work is very important in life, the social networking can equally be very rewarding.  Above all, your encouragement and support has been awesome and, because I belong to this inclusive group of women, I feel proud as an achiever.  Thank you Jacqueline for your great awareness, insight and push, always saying: ‘ you can do it, you can do it and yes actually, I can do it, and have done it!

t: 028 8279 3670 / 07545 018 756
e: jah@wilsonhindsconsulting.com
Twitter: @ReleasingYou
Walthamstow, London E17 3HY

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