Undergraduate commercial business
Training programme in Neuro Linguistic Programming 1996
Coach and Team Certification – Vincent Lenhardt – 1997
Certified Arc en Ciel RH (approach based on C. Jung and DISC)
Collaborative approaches- Open Space – World CAFE
Supervisor: Daniel CHERNET

Key experience
Véronique Legoubé has created her own company in 1992. Prior to that, Véronique held senior positions for five years as director of training for RMO.

Team coaching and team building

  • Kick off seminars for new team’s (fusion…)
  • Vision and strategies deployment
  • Improving performance (developing team spirit, etc.)
  • Learning to manage crisis and tensions
  • Developing co-operation for successful projects

Individual Executive coaching

  • Change a leadership style to get better performance from team
  • Build a self-confidence to enable a leader to be successful in a new role
  • Identify further development of personal impact and influence in a new organization
  • Enabling managers to affirm and develop their interpersonal relationships (improve communication, dealing with a difficult colleague, etc.)
  • Woman’s leadership

Development of management and leadership cycles

  • Management Pipelines co-construction: management & leadership development programmes including corporate tools (360°, PMP..).
  • Designing and running training programmes:
  • Management: motivation, team leadership, communication, appraisals. Self-development. Communication: Improving sales relationships and developing negotiation potential
  • Emotional intelligence and communication
  • Collaborative approach

Change management

  • Understanding and adopting changes in term of behaviours and cultures
  • Setting up workshops to learn how to lead change management


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