ello! I am Zibah.

It was both Michangelo and Leonardo da Vinci spoke these great words ‘Ancora imparo’, meaning – Still, I am learning.

That, to me, is the spirit of what we do at AFFIRM – by providing training, consultancy and life coaching in Personal Development, Leadership and Life Skills, Entrepreneurship, and Soft Skills Management – to organisations, groups and individuals.

My career has spanned the education, administration, business and human resources sectors, having successfully established and ran two private limited companies in the UK, with a combined team of 40 employees.

Through AFFIRM, I work between the United Kingdom and West Africa. Apart from being the pioneer Licensed Trainer in Nigeria of the ‘Springboard’ programme, I developed a Peer Education Resource for women in local communities on behalf of Actionaid Nigeria. I also worked as the National Secretary and Training Director for a women’s non-governmental organisation, Women in the New Nigeria (WINN).

My purpose is to empower women and young people (especially girls) to achieve their goals and reach their full potential in every aspect of their lives. I was therefore excited to become a ‘Sprint’ trainer, and also currently studying for a doctorate degree with particular research interests in girls studies, non-formal learning and international development. In addition, I serve as a Secondary School Governor.


‘…Through Zibah’s facilitation and interaction, this course remained personal and interactive. I noticed she seemed instinctively to know when to step in with help and when to support from a distance.’

‘Need to bottle her enthusiasm and energy.’

‘The trainer was very vast in knowledge about the system and as such, her contributions were very useful and practicable.’

‘Zibah maintained a cheerful attitude and there was not a boring moment…’

‘Well, she has been the person who has been fastest in all the world in getting a workbook culturalised so that you could use it in Nigeria and I am inspired by her and her work.’

‘Simply an outstanding trainer!’

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