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Monthly Archives: January 2018

‘Lets create a shared future’ – Chris Knight


This week’s blog has been designed for inclusion in your organisations leadership and training programs to stimulate discussion on the challenges and opportunities for now and in the future for accelerating gender equality. So what exactly is gender equality? Watch this short video and envisage what your country and organisation could look like if more women and girls were empowered to participate as equal partners in decisions that impact on their lives and in the economy. Gender equality means empowering women and girls as seen in this clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbhjXK2mMe8 Ask yourself: What are some of the challenges within your organisation for [...]

‘Lets create a shared future’ – Chris Knight2020-07-08T21:14:19+01:00

‘Keeping up appearances’ – Chris Knight


As a passionate social justice advocate and feminist, can you indulge me for a few minutes, as I take you on a whimsical journey back in time to the 1970’s in Australia and the recruitment strategies of large companies when seeking suitable ‘Executive Men’. Because as we all know there could not possibly have been any ‘suitable women that would be eligible to fill such a position’. Back then the little woman was relegated to keeping a well maintained house, be a nurturing mother, entertainer and the consummate ‘good wife’ in and outside of the bedroom. If she did not [...]

‘Keeping up appearances’ – Chris Knight2020-07-08T21:14:20+01:00

A New Day is on the Horizon – Chris Knight


As we welcome a New Day and a New Year (2018), I hope that your dreams and goals go way beyond simply making a New Year’s resolution. If we take on board these words “A New Day is on the Horizon” that were expressed so eloquently by Oprah Winfrey in her acceptance speech on being the First Black Woman to receive the Cecil B. De Mille Golden Globe Award from the Foreign Press in January 2018 then we will be well on our way to manifesting our dreams into reality. As a child Oprah could never envisage that one day [...]

A New Day is on the Horizon – Chris Knight2020-07-08T21:14:21+01:00
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