As we welcome a New Day and a New Year (2018), I hope that your dreams and goals go way beyond simply making a New Year’s resolution. If we take on board these words “A New Day is on the Horizon” that were expressed so eloquently by Oprah Winfrey in her acceptance speech on being the First Black Woman to receive the Cecil B. De Mille Golden Globe Award from the Foreign Press in January 2018 then we will be well on our way to manifesting our dreams into reality.

As a child Oprah could never envisage that one day she would be one of the most respected female actors and television hosts in the world. In her speech, she talked about Being Inspired by others and the difference that a moment like this means to other little girls especially those of colour. To encourage them to dream that anything is possible and to be seen and recognised for who and what they are, not labeled or stereotyped by what others think a women should look or act like.

If we want to see more acknowledgement of the contributions of women around the world then we must be the role models and change makers to enable this to happen by educating and empowering ourselves to Speak Out and embrace this New Day that is no longer on the horizon but greets us every single morning when we rise. As Women we need to be brave and vulnerable enough to Speak Our Truth by sharing our personal stories and by telling or writing to those that have inspired US and to say thank you – sharing things like … “Did you know that You inspire me … that You give me Hope for a brighter future… that You are Someone that Makes a Difference in my life and who Makes Me want to be a Braver and more Confident Me – Now and in the Future”.

When We Stand Together as Women United to End All Forms of Violence Against Women alongside the phenomenal men in this world who are not threatened by our femininity and desire to be equal decision makers then WE become the role models for young girls and the next generation of Mighty Fine Female and Male Leaders and WE get to write our own destiny. WE also become the Women that can make others look forward to a brighter and happier tomorrow with more Hope and Love in their Hearts. WE can help to heal this broken culture from any more shrouds of secrecy, corruption and appalling behaviour that many have been forced to live with by Calling it Out as unacceptable. This includes in our homes, our schools, our community and our workplace. WE can also tell our elected leaders that WE expect so much more from them in ensuring that there are funds and services allocated to support women and their families rather than these being the first areas that funds are cut from.

So go Dream Your Dreams and Set those Plans in Place to Achieve Them. If you haven’t attended a Springboard Women’s Personal Development Program then invest in yourself and/or sponsor another Woman to attend because I know that this will change your life by giving you the skills to Believe in Yourself. Come join me in Speaking Our Truth that the New Day has arrived and tell someone that “You make me proud … You make me Feel… I am Enough and that I have even More to Give”.

If you need a little more inspiration on what women who honour themselves and each other looks like then please take a few moments to watch the acceptance speeches of 2017 and 2018 Cecile B. De Mille Golden Globe Award Recipients – Meryl Streep  and Oprah Winfrey. Neither Meryl nor Oprah ever dreamed that they would be such an influence in the lives of others by portraying the lives of women in their films and for Speaking Their Truth.

Meryl  Streep is a celebrated actress of our time with a spirit that endures. Equally inspiring is the introduction by Viola Davis on why Meryl Streep deserves a Golden Globe award for a Lifetime of achievements.

An Inspirational Quote of Note from Margaret Atwood, the Handmaid’s Tale

“We were the people who were not in the papers. We lived in the blank white spaces at the edges of print. It gave us more freedom. We lived in the gaps between the stories.”

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