This month we have celebrated International Women’s Day.  A time of reflection as well as celebration, much like the Springboard programme.

Women are incredibly strong, powerful and a lot more resilient than they give themselves credit for!

We are women, wives, partners, mothers, daughters, bosses, leaders, influencers, negotiators, and multi-task masters, and so much more!

As we live, we learn and grow; we develop and evolve into who we want to be.  One of my favourite parts of being involved in the Springboard programme is watching the participants take time out to explore their identity, reflect on their experiences, identify the skills they have developed and determine who they want to become.

Who am I now?

Who do I want to be?

A common theme with Springboard participants is that they are just surviving, going through the motions.  Getting through each day rather than really living it.

The programme often helps them to find the tools, skills and internal resources to really start to thrive.

I’m not wonder woman and I don’t have special powers but I have learnt to manage each day, put my best effort into it, and be confident that every day each small step I take is leading me on to the place where I want to be.  The important thing for me is to enjoy the journey as much as possible and that way if the end goal changes I don’t resent the time and steps I have already taken I just see it as a detour, or at best a scenic route.

So, what do I do that means I thrive and not just survive?

  • I identify things that make me feel good, the things that fulfil me and make me laugh and smile and I make sure that I show gratitude for these things; no matter how small.
  • I choose what and who fills my headspace and I remove negative press, negative people and negative thoughts as much as I possibly can.
  • I set myself goals to work towards, small medium and large so that I have something to focus and work towards. I can then recognise my progress and feel motivated to achieve and be more.
  • I grow as an individual by stepping out of my comfort zone, even if it’s only a small step! When I hear myself saying I can’t, I add the word ‘YET’
  • I focus on increasing the positive. I find this a better method than trying to remove negatives!   More positive means less room for negative
More of: Less of:
  • Cultivate optimism
  • Practice acts of kindness
  • Nurture social relationships
  • Develop strategies for coping
  • Learn to forgive
  • Savour life’s joys
  • Commit to your goals
  • Emotional reasoning
  • Labelling
  • Personalisation – this is my  fault
  • All or nothing thinking
  • Disqualifying the positive
  • Jumping to conclusions
  • Avoid overthinking
  • Avoid social comparison

The Springboard programme gives participants the time and a safe supportive space to reflect.

How often do you ask yourself the same questions?

Who am I now?

Who do I want to be?

What steps are you taking to get there?

Zoe Thompson

Springboard Trainer

The views expressed by the writer are not necessarily the views of the Springboard Consultancy Limited.

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