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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Accepting and owning our assertiveness


Why do so many of us lack the self-confidence and self-belief to seize new challenges or deal with the issues that impact our professional development? I have listened to successful women speak about their amazing and diverse career journeys and then admit that even they aren’t able to negotiate their own salary effectively. What is it that is holding us back? Is it the fear of rejection, is it not ‘owning’ our personal value and self-worth or is it the fear of the practical process? I believe that it lies with the fact that negotiation skills are never explicitly taught [...]

Accepting and owning our assertiveness2020-07-08T21:13:52+01:00

Self-help isn’t selfish


This world is a strange, scary and complex place as well as being the most beautiful, amazing and inspiring one. How you view it will impact how much you enjoy it and how much you can are able to achieve. How we approach our situations allows us to either be prepared for the pressures it throws at us or be renewed by the new experiences. We can learn from our failures and successes. Every one of us will experience dark days and great days and resilience is a muscle that we can build on. Taking time to reflect and learn [...]

Self-help isn’t selfish2020-07-08T21:13:53+01:00

The Art of saying No


One word that seems so hard to say – no. The art of saying no is a skill that you need as part of your own self-development. It is central to understanding and being able to articulate your own self-worth. Why do we feel guilty when we say no? How can we learn to feel more comfortable about saying no? Saying no is not negative, by understanding the power of no we can save ourselves and others time and energy. Often we struggle when asked to do things. It has been said that ‘no’ is a sentence in its own [...]

The Art of saying No2020-07-08T21:13:54+01:00
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