An essential part of the Springboard Women’s Development Programme mix is where we learn from another woman’s experiences during the guest speaker session. Each face to face session will have a different speaker bringing their own life lessons, approach and story into the room. I have had the privilege of listening to many a fabulous speaker. They have come from across all levels of the organisations I work with but there are some gems in common in their advice.

  1. Networks are key Build them across you organisation and externally. Maintain them by keeping them up to date with your progresses. LinkedIn can be very useful here.
  2. Seize opportunities If someone asks you to do something weight it up – if it adds new skills or experiences take the risk!
  3. Have a CV ready at the click of a button If applying for a role a properly tailored CV is essential but keep an up to date, cloud based, generic version ready so you can seize quick opportunities.
  4. Tell people what you want Let those in your network you are looking for opportunities – they can only help you if they know.
  5. Be clear on your personal brand What are you known for? A brand is so much more than your appearance. Springboard can help you gain clarity on your values and strengths. Your brand is your authentic self.
  6. Don’t pull the ladder up ‘what goes around, comes around’ You will receive help so helping others to success is important too. Paying it forward creates allies not threats.
  7. Identify mentors Who is a little way ahead of you who could provide advice, support and counsel? It doesn’t have to be a formal relationship and you can have more than one!
  8. Celebrate your successes Goals are important but take time to stop and congratulate yourself on your achievements. Keep a file or journal of successes.
  9. Go for promotion Typically women enter promotion rounds later than men. Get feedback from others to objectively assess your readiness and seize the opportunity.
  10. Learn to say no Ok easier said than done but in order to make time for new skills and experiences we have to say no to other things. Delegation, negotiation and assertiveness are all key career skills.

A great list from some amazing women! Which one are you going to work on today?

This article was written by Emma Williams, Director of EJW Solutions Ltd. @ejwsolutions

The views, opinions and positions expressed within these guest posts are those of the author alone and do not represent those of The Springboard Consultancy.

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