Our lives continue to evolve around our ability to keep up with the rapidly changing technologies and how to use IT effectively to expand our networks, research information, make conscious consumer choices when we shop online, continue our lifelong learning, share ideas and connect with other like minded business associates, community organisations and individuals who share common interests.

It is not easy to stay on top of it all and at times it can create its own challenges and risks of information overload and analysis paralysis with dealing with too many emails, tweets, instagrams, facebook posts and deadlines to meet each day.  Whenever we get these feelings, it is important to acknowledge them and find effective ways to manage our stress levels – remembering that not all stress is bad. Sometimes it can be the stress of the excitement of starting a new job or launching a new business that will have a silver lining when you reach out and connect with others.

However the bad stress can escalate to a point where we literally cease to function effectively. More women are finding support online and developing greater networks with personal services available right at your finger tips on your keyboard or Smart Phone. Some words of wisdom shared by International Author and Stress Buster Marney Perna is that “networking and having a mentor are two of the biggest and easiest ways to help overcome feelings of isolation and to assist the building of a personal and business profile.”  

As a small business owner, Marney has undertaken the Springboard Women’s Development Programme herself and is also a regular guest speaker at health and wellness seminars. She has created 10 Top Stress Buster techniques to help people empty their stress bucket and has a complimentary report on “How to de-stress your Life”.   www.kinique.com

Networking and having a mentor are two of the biggest and easiest ways to help overcome feelings of isolation and to assist the building of a personal and business profile 

Building a strong network is one of the key benefits of attending a Springboard Womens Development Program and belonging to organisations that specialise in helping women to succeed in life. Many small business owners are reaping the benefits of sharing their expertise. Janelle Bostock, CEO Womens Network Australia (WNA) shares that “WNA is a vibrant community for women in business to connect, grow and succeed. We know when you reach this level of success in your business, strategic alliances and business connections are critical to your success.”  WNA is the longest running networking business for women in Australia. Janelle who is also a past Springboard Graduate is embracing the World Wide Web (www) to connect with members and guests using Face time, Zoom and Skype as well as live events. Personally I love to network with my global friends and colleagues and to see their faces. All you need to do is synchronize your watch with the appropriate time zone and away you go. There are so many opportunities to create a network through digital technologies.

Womens Network Australia WNA is the longest running women’s networking organisation in Australia and provides a vibrant community for women in business to connect, grow and succeed. CEO Janelle Bostock facilitates regular Zoom Meetings to share information with WNA Members and Guests

So start building your network now including reconnecting with others that you already have a contact with. Remember that Knowledge is Power and it is how we use this knowledge that can determine how successful we become in our business and personal life.

I’d love to help you increase your networking skills and would be happy to connect you up with people that are part of my expanding network of change catalysts and movers and shakers. So send me an email or find me on Linked In. I am still to progress to using Twitter and Instagram but it is on my To Do List. PS Have you updated your Linked In profile lately? https://www.linkedin.com/

This weekend the Networking Queens, Chris Knight, Michelle O’Hara and Marney Perna are heading to the country town of Kingaroy to expand their networking skills with the Queensland Rural Remote and Regional W0omen’s Network QRRRWN. So until next week – keep taking the next step towards achieving your dreams.

Chris Knight
Director, Inspirational Connections/Dream Catcher
Australia’s #1 Networking Communicator
WNA National Rural and Remote Ambassador
M: 0403177012 E:grachris@iprimus.com.au

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