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Successful selling – by guest blogger Sue Hewitt


As I run my own business I am selling things.  I sell my time, my knowledge, my expertise, my products. That means I engage in a sales process with my clients, moving them towards saying yes and buying what I have to sell. I’ve been on a variety of courses and read self-help books to aid my success in this area. One of the bits of information that I’ve picked up is that it can take up to 7 contacts to get to the yes, to actually make the sale. That might mean a phone call, followed by a brochure, [...]

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Getting far enough away – by guest blogger Sue Hewitt


I had a complete weekend off last week. Well I thought it was a weekend off. I’ve started reading through some family archives. I’ve got around 200 letters between my uncle and family members written between 1944 and 1947, together with lots of other info like his posting notices. He was in the Royal Naval Air Squadron. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, I started cataloguing it all a while ago and haven’t got round to reading it until now. Now from this distance I can see how fascinating this story is. I was completely absorbed in the [...]

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Natural Highs – By Guest Blogger Sue Hewitt


I was at a sales conference recently and we were talking about having fun at work. Sadly lots of us don’t do that. There are also very many people who don’t have fun out of work either. Having fun gives us a high and this makes the world a better place. You can’t feel negative after a good laugh. So my challenge to you today is to find a way to have fun today! Yes – today – don’t put off having fun until tomorrow. To get you started here is a no-cost list of 50 ways to get a [...]

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The Assertive You – Try a Little Kindness! By Guest Blogger Chris Knight


Through assertiveness we develop contact with ourselves and with others. We become real human beings with real ideas, real differences…and real flaws. And we admit all of these things. We don’t try to become someone else’s mirror. We don’t try to suppress someone else’s uniqueness. We don’t try to pretend that we’re perfect. We become ourselves. We allow ourselves to be there. Randy Paterson Canadian Psychologist Author The Assertiveness Workbook  In different countries the leadership role of women and progressing gender equality continues to reflect much of the same struggles that women have been fighting for more than 125 years. [...]

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How Finding Support Can Change Your Life – by Guest Blogger Chris Knight


CLARITY – “First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.” Epictetus Attending the recent Queensland Rural Regional and Remote Womens Network Conference (QRRRWN) in country Kingaroy Queensland Australia encapsulated the value of what women can achieve when they have an education and access to information and nurturing supportive networks. In the 30 years that I have been attending professional and community based conferences, this is one that will remain a stand out for me. Why? Simply because it captured three generations of women who have lived and worked on the land, carved [...]

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