Our working population is increasingly diverse with more individuals from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds entering the workforce. However, there is still much more we must do to remove barriers to entering the labour market and ensure progression for all ethnic groups in the workplace.

There is no reason why the workforce in all organisations should not reflect the diversity of the communities in which their employer operates. It requires a concerted effort to overcome structural, procedural and attitudinal barriers within society and individual organisations. At the Springboard Consultancy, we are committed to working closely with businesses on all aspects of diversity and inclusion to ensure that employers can make full use of the talents and hard work of the people that they employ.

The Springboard Consultancy provides personal development and leadership training solutions to support organisations implementing or looking to launch dedicated strategies to improve diverse representation at all levels, promote multicultural awareness and understanding across their organisation. We recognise that diversity is important for the benefit of both employees and the organisation.

Every employee deserves the opportunity to progress and fulfil their potential in their chosen field, regardless of their background.  The Springboard Consultancy recognise that: – 

  • Your ethnicity can open or close doors for you.
  • BAME women face additional structural barriers.
  • Racism contributes to negative attitudes and behaviour.
  • Prejudice is a learn response behaviour. This means it can be unlearned.
  • Employers need to create equal opportunities for all.
  • Diverse organisations that attract and develop individuals from the widest pool of talent, consistently perform better.
  • Too many people are uncomfortable talking about race, this must change. There must be a truly inclusive environment.
  • Confidence needs to be developed to empower BAME individuals, so they have a stronger voice and maximise their potential.
  • Developing assertive skills and resilience plays a vital role in recognising the individual’s value and contribution to their role.
  • Strong networks are essential to provide the motivation and support needed to progress in peoples professional and home life.

Clearly diversity and inclusion is the right thing to do however it is also about gaining competitive advantage in the market place, retaining people which makes sound business sense, and in light of demographic changes, essential to creating sustainable business for the future.

There is also, as cited in the recent McGregor-Smith Review a potential boost to the UK economy of £24 billion by ensuring career progression of Black, Asian and minority ethnic employees.

Take Small steps, and see BIG transformations

Our suite of programmes will supply your organisation with the essential tools to help unlock your employee’s talent, build confidence, resilience and give them the ability to manage their own careers, whilst being ready to take opportunities.  For your organisation, the programmes will help achieve business goals by driving cultural change, tackling issues of inequality through the creation of diverse and robust talent pipelines which will contribute towards addressing ethnicity and gender pay gaps.

At the Springboard Consultancy we believe that the transformation of an organisation starts with those who are at the heart of the business


The Springboard Consultancy would like to have a conversation with you about how we can help develop your employees, as well as looking at strategies and solutions for your organisation to develop and progress an inclusive organisational culture.

For more information please call us on 0203 7946 730 or email helen@springboardconsultancy.com

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