We are day by day facing more challenges to our working and social norms. So as individuals we are going to need to as the military always say ‘improvise, adapt and overcome!’

We know that we are living in extraordinary times because of Covid-19. This is a global problem and what is shows more than anything is that irrespective of where we come from, what our beliefs are we are all human and suffer the same frailties.

Everyone around the world are having to consider many things, our routines are upset, and uncertainty prevails thinking about our health, how are we going to financially survive, how are we going to work from home with everyone else being in the house at the same time, how do we look after loved ones, avoid family fallouts, stop going stir crazy and prevent our children from driving us mad to mention but a few.

Firstly I would recommend that we just STOP and take a few deep breaths! We can and will overcome but to do so need to be ready to improvise and adapt. History shows us that we, the human race is extremely good at this but probably have not been challenged on such a scale for sometime.

We have also become very used to everything being available as soon as we want it. We can expect exotic fruits in winter, our online shopping to arrive the next day and not having to wait a week or so for the next instalment of the series we love. So, we now need to re-programme our minds a little and accept a slower pace and increase our self-reliance.

Getting a routine in place is always a good start. Can you use your space differently and have different areas for different activities. Make sure you have family time over meals but accept that space will also be needed. Have different access times on the internet so that connectivity does not become an area of tension and frustration.

Be creative and look for new things to do – maybe learn a language, improve your professional skills and look at those soft skills you never have time to work on, do that study you have always thought about but never got around to.

Keep in touch with friends and loved ones via video calls. A picture makes the connection seem so much more real than maybe a phone call. Set up interest groups and join by a social platform. Volunteer to help if required this may just be a friendly neighbourly phone call if someone is on their own.

Doodling, drawing, crafting, music, cooking, creating a spa in your bathroom, upcycling clothes and belongings will all make a difference. Playing board games that have been gathering dust. Keep your mind sharp by reading. Are we going back to simpler times.

Maintain your health and wellbeing. Be creative, use your cans, fabric conditioner bottles for resistance, star jumps, burpees great for raising the heart rate if you are able. Consider yoga, dancing by yourself or with friends whilst connecting on social platforms. Reduce stress by meditating and reflecting. This is a period when you can pause and reflect, appreciating the positives and plan for the future.

Who would have guessed we would all be actively Improvising, adapting and overcoming! Be calm and stay well!

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