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Dream or Reality?


Life is confusing at the best of times but Covid-19 has thrown a real curve ball. Or has it? For those of us furloughed, home working or worse, it might have given us the time and space to review our lives, goals and aspirations for the future. Has this pandemic changed any of your priorities for the future? It certainly has made me think twice. When we start talking about setting achievable goals it often seems like a mammoth task and quite unnerving, however if we want that inner peace and contentment from life it is a great place to [...]

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Do you want to break free?


Is it a ‘Manic Monday’ and do you ‘Want to break free’ Well it’s the beginning of week 5 in the UK of lockdown and my mind turned to reports of how family life has changed, if at all, now that more of us are at home. Our essential workers are going out to work, but for the rest of us, it means staying at home. But have traditional roles and responsibilities changed? I started thinking about equality in the home which is a common area for discussion, tension and debate and certainly has probably been exacerbated during [...]

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What a difference a day makes!


As we think about the enormity of what is happening to the world at the moment, it is easy to forget that the Easter Bank holiday is rapidly approaching for us here in the UK. This holiday usually results in a mass exodus as many of us have been planning, then preparing to pack and travel on short breaks maybe overseas or to the coast, the hills or meeting friends and family. For others it will be a time for prayer and reflection, whilst for the younger generation it is generally Easter egg hunts, egg painting and a massive overdose [...]

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Chaos and the calm


James Bay ‘s Album ‘Chaos and the Calm’ was playing today and it made me reflect on how so many of us are feeling at the moment in our ‘new uncertain world’. With social distancing and having to stay at home, no face to face contact other than with those you are living with, with the global nature of Covid-19 affecting everyone irrespective of where you live, there is a real sense of chaos in the world order and this creates feelings of a lack of control and conflicting emotions. However, we have also seen a strange kind of the [...]

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