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Yearly Archives: 2022

The Queen’s Legacy of Leadership


Queen Elizabeth was the epitome of female leaders. Being the head of state for 15 countries, most of us have lived most of our lives under her reign. For as long as we can remember she has been on bank notes and coins, stamps, passports and post boxes. The queen normalised women being in charge without even mentioning it. Devoting her entire life to duty, The Queen earned a positive public image not only in the UK but around the world. Her Majesty lent her patronage to more than 600 charities, public service organisations, and military associations. Age and gender [...]

The Queen’s Legacy of Leadership2022-09-26T11:05:05+01:00

How has Springboard helped University of Leeds?


Recently we met with Organisational Learning Partner, Jo Westerman MBE and Eileen Barrett to find out how Springboard has helped University of Leeds. With a background in science, 2 degrees, whilst working at the University of Leeds, Jo persuaded them to open the Learning Opportunities for Gaining Information and Knowledge Centre for staff, and set up all kinds of classes for the staff to develop themselves. After her first experience of Springboard as a guest speaker, Jo could see that participants were growing in confidence, valuing the safe environment to explore their personal lives and career paths, and learn things [...]

How has Springboard helped University of Leeds?2024-05-16T14:23:20+01:00
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