In this case study, we explore how working with National Grid with a focus of investing in their employees, and working to bridge the gap of gender equality in a male dominated industry has impacted them as an organisation. We look into why investing in your workforce has significant benefits and how our Springboard and Spring Forward programmes have empowered their women to progress in both their careers and personal lives.

Kelly Larkin & Katy Campbell

Senior Operability Analyst & Lead Auditor

National Grid

Springboard & Spring Forward Development Programmes

Why did you choose Springboard Consultancy to support National Grid with women’s development?

We wanted to make sure that the personal and professional development would be interesting for our women and that they would find value in it for their personal and professional lives.

Springboard Consultancy programmes are different to other courses we’ve seen because of the networking, safe spaces, and community. The programmes cover issues that resonate with women throughout National Grid, we know they want to gain confidence and grow in their careers and/or themselves, so Springboard and Spring Forward seemed a great fit for us as an organisation, as it focuses on the individual as well as developing them professionally, explained Kelly.

What issues did you want to approach regarding women in National Grid?

We set out to support issues, scenarios, environments, and situations that specifically affect women. I think the Springboard and Spring Forward courses are perfect because they’re specifically designed for women, and in having a safe space to deal with them, our women have really progressed across the business, says Katy.

We wanted to support women by covering things that all women will experience; particularly in male-dominated environments. National Grid statistically has a lot more males than it has females, so we wanted to ensure that they feel equally important and valued by National Grid, commented Kelly.

As we’re in a male-dominated environment, our WiNG [Women In National Grid] employee resource group have an ambition to promote equal opportunities for female professional development, and personal success within National Grid. We want to ensure we are providing support for women by opening doors to a wide variety of courses and professional qualifications, explains Katy.

As organisers of the programmes, what was your experience of working with Springboard Consultancy?

We wanted to support our women, to help them to develop and enable them to reach their full potential within the organisation. We want to ensure the women at National Grid feel supported, empowered, and valued. Since we’ve been running the programmes, women have the confidence to step up and get promotions and are taking opportunities within National Grid.

Through organising the course and hearing participant’s feedback, both Springboard and Spring Forward have been really useful for various different reasons to each individual. Usually, with this kind of full day training course, you get the bit that’s useful and then the rest is death by Powerpoint, but that’s not the case with these! National Grid has already started to see the benefit!

The programmes have been massively popular, and they still are. We even have a waitlist! There’s lots of demand for them because of the great experiences that people have had, and the feedback is amazing for professional development, explained Katy.

We’ve got a high demand for cohorts for 2023. I think that shows that women’s development is still needed, and people see the value in the courses being provided, says Katy.

What results has National Grid noticed since running the programmes?

We can already see what people have got out of the programme and how they’ve only spent a few days together and have already have that supportive, empowering network, explained Katy.

Our women are growing in confidence; they’re now giving presentations to their teams, and others are levelling up in their careers.

Due to the programmes, more women have joined WiNG [Women In National Grid] to get their voices heard and are enjoying being part of our supportive network. We’re seeing women personally and professionally grow and develop, which is leading to them to apply to progress their responsibilities, or even sidestepping into new roles with us, beamed Kelly.

As you can see, staff development provides a growth in confidence, productivity and happier people which in turn makes individuals strive to progress in every aspect of their lives, allowing them to be at the top of their game consistently. If you’re curious about how our development programmes can help your organisation, view our Springboard and Spring Forward courses here.

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