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Gender-Specific Personal Development: Mythbusting & Building Inclusive Growth


Join the conversation driven on breaking down gender stereotypes and creating inclusive spaces for personal development with Kirsty Lancaster, our EDI Programme Manager at Springboard Consultancy. Kirsty explains our approach to single-gender personal and professional development, and why we do it this way. Read on for insights and to debunk misconceptions! As the technical expert and ED&I ambassador at Springboard Consultancy, I am passionate about challenging sexism, stereotyping, and discrimination in organisations. But let's talk about a common dilemma - gender-specific personal development programmes. Have you ever wondered why these programmes exist and if they truly serve a purpose in advancing [...]

Gender-Specific Personal Development: Mythbusting & Building Inclusive Growth2024-03-13T10:11:03+00:00

Positive Mindset: Powering Success in Career & Childbirth


Have you ever heard of Roger Bannister? He was the first person to run a mile in under four minutes. Prior to his success, sports journalists had us convinced that it couldn’t be done. Whether or not you believe that athletes would have reached this barrier eventually, it’s no surprise that Bannister’s attitude towards the feat was one of positivity. If we believe that we will be successful in something, we are more likely to work hard to make it happen. And if we feel like we are going to fail, our actions correspond accordingly. Bannister visualised himself breaking the barrier [...]

Positive Mindset: Powering Success in Career & Childbirth2024-03-07T16:22:36+00:00
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