Join the conversation driven on breaking down gender stereotypes and creating inclusive spaces for personal development with Kirsty Lancaster, our EDI Programme Manager at Springboard Consultancy. Kirsty explains our approach to single-gender personal and professional development, and why we do it this way. Read on for insights and to debunk misconceptions!Diverse group of business women sitting on couch in modern office talking about Gender-Specific Personal Development and Springboard women's development programme using laptop computer and graphics

As the technical expert and ED&I ambassador at Springboard Consultancy, I am passionate about challenging sexism, stereotyping, and discrimination in organisations. But let’s talk about a common dilemma – gender-specific personal development programmes. Have you ever wondered why these programmes exist and if they truly serve a purpose in advancing gender equity? 🤔 Let’s debunk the myths together!

Women’s personal development programmes have been criticized for reinforcing gender norms and emphasizing what women supposedly lack. But here’s the truth – women already possess all the qualities needed to succeed. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for success!

At Springboard Consultancy, we believe that gendered personal development isn’t about changing individuals but empowering them to explore their desires and strengths. It’s about creating a safe space to reflect, plan, and take action towards a fulfilling future. 🚀

Five successful ethnically diverse women of different age taking Springboard women's development programme online and talking about Gender-Specific Personal DevelopmentYou might be questioning, “Can’t this be achieved in a mixed-gender setting?” Absolutely, for some! But….

  • In many parts of the world we deliver in, cultural norms and personal comfort levels play a role in preferring single-gender spaces for growth and self-exploration.
  • We prioritise equity over equality which means rather than everyone getting the same experience, everyone gets the experience they need.
  • We offer gender-specific programmes to meet the unique needs of individuals and promote a psychologically safe environment for personal development. Because everyone deserves a space where they feel safe, seen, and supported.

If you’re ready to challenge the status quo and embark on a journey of self-discovery, Springboard Consultancy’s gender-specific programmes could be the key to unlocking your full potential. 🗝️Explore our Springboard women’s development programme or Navigator men’s development programme to see how it can help you!

Let’s create a world where diversity is celebrated, and everyone has the opportunity to thrive! Contact us here to get started!