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Download Relaxing Through Breathing

Voice: Jenny Daisley | Words: Jenny Daisley
20 minutes.

Make the best use of your mind and your body together, to release any tension and to move away from the general stress of day to day living.

In this relaxation you will concentrate on breathing. You will sense the different effects of controlled breathing through your whole body whilst you learn to focus on your breathing, ignoring distractions around you. You will return to your daily business feeling fully alert, relaxed and energised.

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Download Releasing Tension

Voice: Richard Bailey | Words: Jenny Daisley
19 minutes

Learn to use repetitive breathing techniques to train your body to respond to your instructions to relax.

In this visualisation you will train your body to give you the release and relaxation that you need in moments either of unexpected stress or in short moments when you know you have only a small amount of time.

You can use these techniques in meetings, when making phone calls, or on the train. You can learn to release tensions quietly, without anybody else noticing, using familiar words to trigger the process.

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Download Your Journey

Voice: Jenny Daisley | Words: Jenny Daisley
21 minutes

Begin your journey exactly where you are today, at this moment in time.
This visualisation will help you travel to your own idyllic planet. Enjoy what you enjoy doing and meet people you enjoy spending time with. Take pleasure in activities that are fun; exciting, energising or calming.

Use imaginative pictures to create a balance between what you regard as work and pleasure. Then start your journey home sensing the touch, taste and smells that you wish to remember. Arrive back feeling energised and focussed, ready for the activities of your day.

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Download Lighten Your Body

Voice: Jenny Daisley | Words: Jenny Daisley
23 minutes

Release any tensions in the body and move forward in your life, giving yourself the green light to go ahead and become the person that you wish to be.
With the support of this visualisation you will learn how to let a beautiful light travel through your body, releasing tensions, negativity and discomfort.

Let the light seep through your body so that it is protected, soak in its beauty, in its comfort, allowing it to give you whatever you need. Then slowly bring your body back into the present, having a sense of your lightened muscles and joints. Continue your day feeling energised and relaxed.

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Download Your Own Room

Voice: Jenny Daisley | Words: Jenny Daisley
25 minutes

This visualisation will enable you to make best use of mind and body together, allowing you to move away from general stress of day to day living through breathing.

Learn to observe and be aware of your current breathing pattern, use techniques and instructions to your body to enhance your breathing whilst using positive thoughts to reinforce a feeling of wellbeing.

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