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How Finding Support Can Change Your Life – by Guest Blogger Chris Knight


CLARITY – “First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.” Epictetus Attending the recent Queensland Rural Regional and Remote Womens Network Conference (QRRRWN) in country Kingaroy Queensland Australia encapsulated the value of what women can achieve when they have an education and access to information and nurturing supportive networks. In the 30 years that I have been attending professional and community based conferences, this is one that will remain a stand out for me. Why? Simply because it captured three generations of women who have lived and worked on the land, carved [...]

How Finding Support Can Change Your Life – by Guest Blogger Chris Knight2020-07-08T21:13:44+01:00

Increase Your Networks with Digital Technologies. Make it Happen. By guest blogger Chris Knight


Our lives continue to evolve around our ability to keep up with the rapidly changing technologies and how to use IT effectively to expand our networks, research information, make conscious consumer choices when we shop online, continue our lifelong learning, share ideas and connect with other like minded business associates, community organisations and individuals who share common interests. It is not easy to stay on top of it all and at times it can create its own challenges and risks of information overload and analysis paralysis with dealing with too many emails, tweets, instagrams, facebook posts and deadlines to meet [...]

Increase Your Networks with Digital Technologies. Make it Happen. By guest blogger Chris Knight2020-07-08T21:13:45+01:00

Social Impact and the Digital Economy – By Guest Blogger Chris Knight


Do you know the difference between a Bit.com, Sit.com, Dot.com, Dit.com, (OK so I made that last one up:>) and the endless stream of tech savvy jargon that seems to infiltrate our modern communication systems? To this little baby boomer it just goes right over her head. Between the evolving applications on Androids, IPhones, IPads, Notebooks and all those other gismo’s, the old days of the computer hard drive seems all but redundant in this fast paced age of seamless internet connectivity. The endless passwords that you need to commit to memory for every online service, application or to access [...]

Social Impact and the Digital Economy – By Guest Blogger Chris Knight2020-07-08T21:13:46+01:00

Transforming Lives Through Education by Guest Blogger Chris Knight


“There are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. There is a third power stronger than both, that of women.” ― Malala Yousafzai, I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban SDG # 4 Transforming Lives Through Education (The World We Live In) I am delighted to be invited as the Springboard Guest Blogger for September 2018. Not only as a Springboard Trainer do I realise the importance of lifelong learning opportunities especially for women, I have also worked as a volunteer for over [...]

Transforming Lives Through Education by Guest Blogger Chris Knight2020-07-08T21:13:46+01:00

Top 10 tips from Springboard Speakers


An essential part of the Springboard Women’s Development Programme mix is where we learn from another woman’s experiences during the guest speaker session. Each face to face session will have a different speaker bringing their own life lessons, approach and story into the room. I have had the privilege of listening to many a fabulous speaker. They have come from across all levels of the organisations I work with but there are some gems in common in their advice. Networks are key Build them across you organisation and externally. Maintain them by keeping them up to date with your progresses. [...]

Top 10 tips from Springboard Speakers2020-07-08T21:13:47+01:00

5 brilliant books – beach reading optional


As I write Britain is experiencing a heat wave. The tepid paddling pool on the dusty remnants of my lawn is my ‘beach view’ from the laptop. My neighbour’s kids are squealing as they splash into their own paddling pool. All it would take is the smell of suncream and a good book and I could be in the med on holiday. I love reading on holiday – last year’s holiday reading included The Handmaid’s Tale. Who doesn’t like dystopia by the pool? But seriously I can really get down to reading in long stretches when on holiday. Time to [...]

5 brilliant books – beach reading optional2020-07-08T21:13:49+01:00

Qualified success?


Schools, colleges and universities are all places of learning. As August looms and the public exams in the UK publish the results, the focus is very much on qualifications. My social media feeds are currently full of smiling graduations posted by proud parents. Our household is waiting to find out A level results. Pathways to the future are being set. My training role finds me most weeks in universities working with researchers, teachers and those who support them. In short, the people who make these fascinating places work. I feel given I am writing this in the summer, I am [...]

Qualified success?2020-07-08T21:13:50+01:00

Values that fascinate


Personal branding. I admit I am still deciding whether I like the term. Branding always reminds me of black and white cowboy movies or it brings to mind ‘80s’power dressing’. And both of those remind me of my age! But whether we like it or not the world experiences us. We have a brand. It isn’t as simplistic as what clothes we wear. Our attitudes, personalities and approaches feed into our brand. The Springboard programme builds confidence and assertiveness to help us move towards our personal goals but having explored values and strengths as the cornerstones to our building. These [...]

Values that fascinate2020-07-08T21:13:51+01:00

Accepting and owning our assertiveness


Why do so many of us lack the self-confidence and self-belief to seize new challenges or deal with the issues that impact our professional development? I have listened to successful women speak about their amazing and diverse career journeys and then admit that even they aren’t able to negotiate their own salary effectively. What is it that is holding us back? Is it the fear of rejection, is it not ‘owning’ our personal value and self-worth or is it the fear of the practical process? I believe that it lies with the fact that negotiation skills are never explicitly taught [...]

Accepting and owning our assertiveness2020-07-08T21:13:52+01:00

Self-help isn’t selfish


This world is a strange, scary and complex place as well as being the most beautiful, amazing and inspiring one. How you view it will impact how much you enjoy it and how much you can are able to achieve. How we approach our situations allows us to either be prepared for the pressures it throws at us or be renewed by the new experiences. We can learn from our failures and successes. Every one of us will experience dark days and great days and resilience is a muscle that we can build on. Taking time to reflect and learn [...]

Self-help isn’t selfish2020-07-08T21:13:53+01:00
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