As part of the Springboard Consultancy’s global trainer network, you too can deliver award-winning training that makes a real difference to people’s lives.

If you have a passion for personal development and believe in the importance of equality and diversity, then consider becoming a licensed Springboard Consultancy trainer. Our courses focus on personal and professional development for people at all stages of life. From starting (or re-starting) a career through to breaking barriers and achieving goals, we give people the skills they need to unlock their potential and get to where they want to go.

Whether you deliver in-house training or work independently, we can bolster your delivery. Becoming a licensed Springboard Consultancy trainer gives you the endorsement, expertise and support of a globally recognised personal development brand.

Join us and become part of the movement for global change.

Become Part of Something Bigger

For over three decades, our work has been aimed at building greater equality.

Each of us can make an individual contribution to diversity, equality and opportunity in our own corners of the world. Yet by working in partnership with a global network of professional trainers, all united by our shared beliefs, we can collectively have a much greater impact.

The foundation of the Springboard Consultancy’s global trainer network is the five-day Trainer Licensing course. This course gives you a solid understanding of the theory, content and learning strategies that you need to deliver.

Becoming licensed to deliver a Springboard Consultancy programme is about much more than just the course content. By joining our community you will find the support, inspiration and empowerment that comes from working with other trainers from every walk of life.

Add Value to Your Organisation

Employers around the world have upskilled their in-house training with Springboard Consultancy Trainer Licensing. Becoming a licensed Springboard trainer provides additional professional development for those of you working in-house, with even experienced trainers reporting how our accreditation improves their overall skillset.

Licensing in-house trainers is extremely popular for employers due to the time and cost-efficiency of retaining the course content. Yet as well as the benefits of delivering our award-winning programmes, your business will also be aligned with the Springboard Consultancy’s global trainer network.

By licensing your in-house training with the Springboard Consultancy, you are demonstrating to your employees and your clients that your organisation values diversity and equality.

Becoming A Licensed Freelance Trainer

As a part of our global trainer network, you too will be able to deliver an internationally acclaimed range of courses that have made a proven difference to individuals and organisations for over three decades.

In just five days you will get everything you need to run a complete development programme, from an understanding of the course and materials through to our official endorsement.

It’s a time and hassle-saving way of adding to your portfolio and pushing your own career in an exciting new direction.

Why Become A Licensed Springboard Trainer?

  • Become part of an active global community of trainers and personal coaches
  • Start using a range of professional tools and resources – all researched, piloted, and fine-tuned
  • Be part of the transformational journey of your participants

When you successfully complete the Trainer’s Course, you’ll get a certificate and a three-year renewable license permitting you to deliver the programme of your choice. Your professional details will be added to our database, and you will become part of our international network of colleagues. You will also have permission to use our logo and intellectual property in the marketing of your own services.

In other words, you’ll have all of the benefits and opportunities of offering a highly successful recognised programme, without the need to research, design, develop and promote it from scratch.

The Trainer Licensing Process

Gaining your trainer license starts with you deciding which of our six development programmes you want to deliver. Click on the links below to learn more about each course.

Open training courses are run throughout the year across the UK. The training is held in regional conference centres, hotels, and now remotely using our new online delivery.

Click here to view our current open course dates.

Alternatively, if you have several trainers you would like to license, it may be more cost-effective for us to come to you. If you can provide the venue and the participants, we will bring the rest.

Speak to us today to find out how becoming a licensed Springboard Consultancy trainer can push your career forward.

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