What our clients say:

“Helpful and inspiring, well-presented with appropriate course information given at the correct time.”
David Kewn, NCSCA

“It has opened up a multitude of learning and career development opportunities and helped support me on my career journey.”
Darren Oliver, Subject Matter Expert, Operations NCSC

“Fantastic opportunity to develop myself, both at work and home. The supportive nature of the group enabled me to advance in my field.”
Ben Matthewson, Registration Assessor, Operations North East

Has opened my mind to become pro-active with my career. Hearing speakers and having a mentor makes me feel supported enough to progress.
Kate McCarrell, Admin, Operations NCSC

The programme was very beneficial to my needs. It has provided me with the drive I need to get out, seek opportunities to do better and get to where I want to be.
Uchenna Anocuru, BC, Intelligence, London

I feel I’m now more confident in group situations and this programme has introduced an insight into different areas within the commission.
Stephanie Blake, Registration Assessor, Operations

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