Kaylan Bartholomew, Momentum Consultancy Ltd
t: 1-868-332-9841
e: kay_bartholomew@yahoo.com
w: www.momentum.co.tt

Mandisa Regrello, Momentum Consultancy Ltd
t: 1-868-747-2199
e: momentumconsultancyltd@gmail.com
w: www.momentum.co.tt

Althea Roach, Momentum Consultancy Ltd
t: 1-868-683-0420
e: althea.roach@gmail.com
w: www.momentum.co.tt

Kieran Valley-Gordon, Momentum Consultancy Ltd
t: 1-868-689-6402
e: kieran@prettyunderpinnings.com
w: www.momentum.co.tt

In-house trainer Luce Hodge-Smith, Government of the British Virgin Islands – for further information
contact office@springboardconsultancy.com

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