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String of Words by Guest Blogger Helen Ivory


“Thanks to the poetry group I have become the biggest fan of poetry and I write every week. Good luck with the group, I really enjoyed it.” MA Art History Student and Sprint 2018 participant. Listening to the group presentations on the final day of a Sprint course that I delivered last year at the University of Essex, I was struck by how creative and passionate the participants were about their experiences during the week, and felt enormously proud to have played a small part in facilitating their transformation. Most of the students on the course were not studying creative [...]

String of Words by Guest Blogger Helen Ivory2020-07-08T21:13:10+01:00

Thoughts on the Impostor Syndrome by guest blogger Gill Donnell


Whenever I am involved in discussions about women and confidence, whether that is in business or personal life, inevitably the subject of the Impostor Syndrome comes up. So, what is it? Impostor syndrome can be defined as a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist even in face of information that indicates that the opposite is true. It is experienced internally as chronic self-doubt, and feelings of intellectual fraudulence. It is basically feeling that you are not really a successful, competent and smart person, but that you are only posing as one! In December last year, this phenomenon again lit up the media when Michelle [...]

Thoughts on the Impostor Syndrome by guest blogger Gill Donnell2020-07-08T21:13:11+01:00

The Power of Women Only Events By guest blogger Gill Donnell


As a freelance trainer for the Springboard Women’s Development Programme, I am a passionate supporter of the positive impact that it has had on so many women across the globe. I first discovered the Programme whilst a Senior Police Officer, when looking for positive action initiatives to help increase the numbers of women in senior positions. In the early 00’s, I realised that there were a lot of very talented women in both Police Officer and Support Staff roles in our Force, but they were just not putting themselves forward for promotion or moving into specialist departments. Subsequent introduction of [...]

The Power of Women Only Events By guest blogger Gill Donnell2020-07-08T21:13:13+01:00

Are 30 day challenges worth doing? By guest blogger Gill Donnell


Last week I suggested some tips that might be helpful if you are planning to set yourself personal or professional goals for 2019. One of the ‘tricks’ that I use to help with achieving my goals is to set myself 30 day challenges. I was originally inspired by Jason Zook’s challenge (click the link to read his article). He talks about profound changes he has made in his life in just 30 days. Research suggests that it can take anything from 21 to 66 days to successfully create a new habit, but the most relevant length of time for each of [...]

Are 30 day challenges worth doing? By guest blogger Gill Donnell2020-07-08T21:13:14+01:00

5 Tips To Help Kick Start Your New Year’s Goals – By Guest Blogger Gill Donnell


You will note that I haven’t used the word resolution in the title of this blog. I’m not actually a fan of setting next year’s goals on or around New Year’s Eve, the traditional time for planning how we are going to make our lives so much better. This is mainly because by 11.30pm on 31st December I am probably heading towards the end of my second bottle of Prosecco! Any internet search will bring up millions of articles about New Year’s resolutions, but most of them will focus on the reasons why so many fail at the first hurdle. In [...]

5 Tips To Help Kick Start Your New Year’s Goals – By Guest Blogger Gill Donnell2020-07-08T21:13:14+01:00

‘The Puss in Boots’ Philosophy – Rebecca Winn


It’s the pantomime season – oh yes it is! That peculiarly British tradition in which everyone looks grotesque, no one is quite what they seem, the audience works as hard as the cast and bad jokes abound. I LOVE it, and this year I’m thoroughly enjoying being in our local production of Puss in Boots. My character is a baddy which is particularly fun; lots of sneering at the audience – very different to running a Springboard programme, I promise you! Thinking what to write about today I keep coming back to the pantomime and wondering whether there’s some interesting [...]

‘The Puss in Boots’ Philosophy – Rebecca Winn2020-07-08T21:13:17+01:00

Three Gifts from the Wise (Wo)Men – By Guest Blogger Rebecca Winn


We recently rediscovered some old family slides (remember those?). Having struggled to see them through an ancient slide viewer, we made the decision to get them digitalised. What fun when they arrived back! There was my family going back to the 1950s (before I was born) through the arrival of my older brothers and myself, and family holidays and occasions since. Some of them I’m sure I hadn’t seen before. And everyone is so young! Christmas can be a nostalgic season, and so I find myself thinking about my dear old Mum and Dad and some of the things they [...]

Three Gifts from the Wise (Wo)Men – By Guest Blogger Rebecca Winn2020-07-08T21:13:19+01:00

‘Ticking the seasonal boxes’ – Rebecca Winn


In case you hadn’t noticed, Christmas is thundering into view at some pace! Whether you celebrate it or not, Christmas has a habit of generating plenty of extra activity, be that fun stuff like mince pies with the neighbours, or less lovely concerns around trying to juggle the budget. I was talking to a friend about this the other day. She has two school-age children who are full-on with plays, discos, trips to the pantomime, Cub Scout parties, carol concerts and everything else. She also has a full-time job, pets and an elderly parent to care for. Oh yes, she [...]

‘Ticking the seasonal boxes’ – Rebecca Winn2020-07-08T21:13:20+01:00

Do you believe in “Personality clashes”? By guest blogger Yvonne Coolbear


I don’t believe in “personality clashes” – at least not in the sense of “Oh, they’ll just never get on – it’s a personality clash”.  When I hear that phrase uttered at work, it seems to me to be a way of explaining why the two people concerned have not been ‘encouraged’ by their manager to learn how to get along with each other.  A justification for avoidance.  A justification for not dealing with the behaviour and leaving the people involved (and around them) to work within the hostility. Of course, there are people we don’t get on with and [...]

Do you believe in “Personality clashes”? By guest blogger Yvonne Coolbear2020-07-08T21:13:21+01:00

Making a difference one pomander at a time – By Guest Blogger Rebecca Winn


Last week I was speaking with Helen, the General Manager of a residential home for older people I have come to know quite well. We were talking about the upcoming Christmas period and how some of her residents no longer have family or friends that can come to visit them. Here’s what she told me, pretty much as she said it. “I’ve been encouraging the staff to come up with ideas for new ways we can entertain and motivate our residents. We do lots of the usual things, and they like those, but I can’t help feeling there are other [...]

Making a difference one pomander at a time – By Guest Blogger Rebecca Winn2020-07-08T21:13:21+01:00
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