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Dream or Reality?


Life is confusing at the best of times but Covid-19 has thrown a real curve ball. Or has it? For those of us furloughed, home working or worse, it might have given us the time and space to review our lives, goals and aspirations for the future. Has this pandemic changed any of your priorities for the future? It certainly has made me think twice. When we start talking about setting achievable goals it often seems like a mammoth task and quite unnerving, however if we want that inner peace and contentment from life it is a great place to [...]

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Do you want to break free?


Is it a ‘Manic Monday’ and do you ‘Want to break free’ Well it’s the beginning of week 5 in the UK of lockdown and my mind turned to reports of how family life has changed, if at all, now that more of us are at home. Our essential workers are going out to work, but for the rest of us, it means staying at home. But have traditional roles and responsibilities changed? I started thinking about equality in the home which is a common area for discussion, tension and debate and certainly has probably been exacerbated during [...]

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Improvise, adapt and overcome!


We are day by day facing more challenges to our working and social norms. So as individuals we are going to need to as the military always say ‘improvise, adapt and overcome!’ We know that we are living in extraordinary times because of Covid-19. This is a global problem and what is shows more than anything is that irrespective of where we come from, what our beliefs are we are all human and suffer the same frailties. Everyone around the world are having to consider many things, our routines are upset, and uncertainty prevails thinking about our health, how are [...]

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Coronavirus – challenging working norms?


The Coronavirus is challenging working norms and will become an unlikely ally of improving inclusive practices, as it is beginning to get employers to deploy homeworking! This will work as a field trial and if successful could potentially change the way the world thinks of work.Although many employers are naturally nervous about productivity, security and isolation of staff if it were to introduce homeworking, many of those who have done it will testify that by offering extra flexibility, staff feel trusted and being able to work where they feel most comfortable, which as a result boosts productivity. It can also help staff [...]

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It has been well documented over the last 12 months, that the construction industry takes great care in protecting staff from visible risks, however the increased presence of hidden risks needs to be addressed - mental health and wellness. The need to address employee’s mental health, wellbeing and development should be a priority for organisations.  The same attitudes and protocols towards physical health and safety, should be replicated to safeguard mental health. Shocking new statistics show that: - Suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45. However, male site workers are three times more likely to [...]