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National Grid Case Study


In this case study, we explore how working with National Grid with a focus of investing in their employees, and working to bridge the gap of gender equality in a male dominated industry has impacted them as an organisation. We look into why investing in your workforce has significant benefits and how our Springboard and Spring Forward programmes have empowered their women to progress in both their careers and personal lives. Kelly Larkin & Katy Campbell Senior Operability Analyst & Lead Auditor National Grid Springboard & Spring Forward Development Programmes Why did you choose Springboard Consultancy to support National Grid [...]

National Grid Case Study2023-08-23T16:27:22+01:00

Experience as a woman in a male-dominated industry


As an expert in the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion space, we strive to ensure equal opportunities for everyone. We spoke to Kirsty Lancaster about her experience as a woman in a male-dominated industry, and her perspective on how we can continue to provide top notch support and empowerment for both clients and individuals in the workplace. Grab a cuppa, you’re going to enjoy this! The dictionary definition of equality: noun noun: equality; plural noun: equalities the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities. "an organisation aiming to promote racial equality" “Let’s skip to the good bit… As [...]

Experience as a woman in a male-dominated industry2023-08-07T13:41:59+01:00

Springboard Personal Development


Springboard Personal Development: A participant perspective, from Cheryl - University of Portsmouth We value the feedback from our participants and organisations we work with. This was no different when we caught up with Cheryl Buck, Principal Lecturer in Law and Associate Head Academic at the University of Portsmouth. Cheryl shares her insight after recently attending our Springboard Women’s Personal Development Programme,. What was your expectation of the Springboard Women’s Personal Development Programme? As I knew it was personal development for women, it was nice to know that I was going into this with like-minded people. I was aware that it [...]

Springboard Personal Development2023-05-15T13:19:32+01:00

What a difference a day makes!


As we think about the enormity of what is happening to the world at the moment, it is easy to forget that the Easter Bank holiday is rapidly approaching for us here in the UK. This holiday usually results in a mass exodus as many of us have been planning, then preparing to pack and travel on short breaks maybe overseas or to the coast, the hills or meeting friends and family. For others it will be a time for prayer and reflection, whilst for the younger generation it is generally Easter egg hunts, egg painting and a massive overdose [...]

What a difference a day makes!2021-06-24T16:39:59+01:00

The Growth Mindset: How our beliefs can sabotage or encourage our success! By Guest Blogger Camille Lamouille, Elveor


« I did not fail. I just found 10,000 solutions that do not work. » – Thomas Edison – During a recent spring cleanup with my family, we ran into my sister’s primary report cards in a closet. If they were actually quite good, I was strongly challenged by the comments of his teachers – she salutes by the way! These emphasized only the lack, the failure, the gaps. The positive comments were constantly followed by a “but Margaux has the ability to do better”. Thus, only the intellectual abilities were valued, not the efforts made. If I tell you [...]

The Growth Mindset: How our beliefs can sabotage or encourage our success! By Guest Blogger Camille Lamouille, Elveor2020-07-08T21:13:04+01:00

How long is your ‘now’? by guest blogger Dr Sarah Robins-Hobden


Anxiety is a focus on the future, and rumination is a focus on the past. That means the only time we can meaningfully exist is the now – the present time. But what is the scope of the ‘now’, and what are its limits? Today? This minute, this second? I think we can choose, I think it is however long we want it to be. If you slice and dice your ‘now’ into micro-thin wafers of time, then you shorten your present, and sacrifice the every-decreasing offcuts by allocating them either to the past or the future. This creates an [...]

How long is your ‘now’? by guest blogger Dr Sarah Robins-Hobden2020-07-08T21:13:04+01:00

‘Better the balance, better the world’


Over 20 years ago I was fortunate enough to take part in the Springboard Women’s Personal Development Programme. At that time I was an engineer working for BT, one of the first users of the Springboard programme. I became part of a cohort of 80 women supported to undertake this award-winning programme that has been running for nearly 30 years and is now delivered in more than 47 countries globally. The programme provided a platform for my development, an opportunity to learn, insights from female leaders and provided a network of fellow ‘Springboarders’ to enable and challenge. Fast forward to [...]

‘Better the balance, better the world’2020-07-08T21:13:06+01:00

Your go-to space-maker – the most assertive thing you can do? By Guest Blogger Dr Sarah Robins-Hobden


Taking the time and headspace to make a more considered response is one of the most assertive things you can do. Be kind to your future self, and try this. Maybe you’ve read a lot about assertiveness techniques, practiced some assertive conversation starters. You’ve spent time working out your desired outcome, and how you’ll handle it if you don’t get what you want (and if you do!). You are getting better at choosing assertive behaviours when it matters to you. Then something happens that you weren’t expecting: someone puts you on the spot, or you are asked a question you [...]

Your go-to space-maker – the most assertive thing you can do? By Guest Blogger Dr Sarah Robins-Hobden2020-07-08T21:13:07+01:00

What if you don’t hit ‘snooze’? By guest blogger Sarah Robins-Hobden


The morning alarm. Sometimes when my alarm goes off, I just don’t feel like it. I hit snooze. Perhaps I’m tired. Maybe I’m postponing something I don’t want to do. Sometimes, when the alarm goes off again, I’ll hit snooze. Again. Honestly, there have been occasions when I’ve hit snooze several times. The idea alarm. Sometimes I have an idea. Maybe for a workshop, maybe a solution to a problem, or a new home project. It seems a good one. I dare to be excited by the prospect. I hit ‘snooze’ on it. Sometimes, when the idea comes back later, [...]

What if you don’t hit ‘snooze’? By guest blogger Sarah Robins-Hobden2020-07-08T21:13:07+01:00

Keeping the Focus and Enthusiasm by Guest Blogger Julia Ffoulkes


As I returned to work from the Christmas/New Year break I found trying to muster the energy up to get back into work and perform at a high level somewhat difficult.  I think and reminisce of mince pies and over-drinking, and basically eating everything in sight had left me feeling depressed and unenthusiastic about anything. Working for Royal Mail your period of rest and relaxation over Christmas is limited to a very small window as you can imagine, and living with a Mail Centre Manager from the business whom lives and breathes Christmas 24/7 during the period of November to [...]

Keeping the Focus and Enthusiasm by Guest Blogger Julia Ffoulkes2020-07-08T21:13:08+01:00
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