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Empowering Women to Achieve Their Full Potential: A Case Study with Samantha McLean, Women’s Development Trainer


In today's world, it is more important than ever for women to have access to the resources and support they need to reach their full potential. Samantha McLean, a licensed Springboard Women's Development trainer, is dedicated to empowering women and helping them achieve their goals. As a freelance trainer for Springboard Consultancy, Samantha has a wealth of experience in helping women overcome challenges and achieve success. Springboard Development Programme is designed to help women develop their skills, build confidence, and reach their personal and professional goals. In this case study, we will take a closer look at Samantha's work and learn [...]

Empowering Women to Achieve Their Full Potential: A Case Study with Samantha McLean, Women’s Development Trainer2023-11-24T15:48:36+00:00

Chris Cross


Hello I’m Chris Cross …… and I am a personal development trainer, facilitator and 1-1 coach – and I’m passionate about giving people time and support to learn more about themselves – and decide what they want from life. My training style is professional and inspiring – backed up with expertise gained in a designing and delivering a wide range of training & development. I have worked in UK universities, local authorities, government departments, housing associations and the NHS. I’ve been a Springboard trainer for almost 21 years – and I have guided thousands of women through the Springboard Programme. [...]

Chris Cross2020-07-08T21:14:23+01:00

Alison Trinder


My vision is for every woman who wants it to have the opportunity to take part in and benefit from Springboard. I love running Springboard programmes. There is a particular kind of energy that is created when a group of women work together like this – it’s uplifting, inspiring and motivating, and I continually see the real changes women can make as a result of taking part. I have substantial experience of running the programme as part of my role at the University of Oxford; as a freelance trainer I have also run it for a number of other universities, [...]

Alison Trinder2020-07-08T21:14:23+01:00

Andrea Berkoff


Are you looking for a Springboard trainer in London or the South-east? Do you just want to know a little bit more about the programme and me as a possible trainer? I am very happy to speak with you over the phone or meet up for a quick chat to discuss how I can bring Springboard to your organization, with no obligation. I have been facilitating the Springboard programme for ten years, firstly in house with the City of London Police and City of London Corporation and now freelance, in that time bringing Springboard to more than 250 women. It [...]

Andrea Berkoff2020-07-08T21:14:34+01:00

Gill Donnell


At Successful Women, we specialise solely in women’s development. We work with companies to run dedicated Springboard Programmes for their staff and also deliver a number of “Open Programmes” for individual women as well as those businesses who do not have sufficient female staff to run a dedicated programme of their own. Gill Donnell, our Managing Director and licensed Springboard trainer, received an MBE for her work in supporting women’s development, is the author of the inspiring women’s personal development book Celebr8 Success and is a regular speaker on issues affecting women in the workplace. We recognise that many of [...]

Gill Donnell2022-07-28T10:02:38+01:00

Gillian Neish


Gillian Neish works throughout the UK with individuals and organisations in all sectors to help them recognise and fulfil their potential. The focus of her work is power, whether challenging the power inequalities of racism, sexism and the other ‘isms’ or developing personal power through personal development programmes. She has worked with the Springboard Consultancy since 1991 when she became one of the first trainers to be licensed to deliver the now multi-award-winning Springboard women’s development programme by it’s developers, Liz Willis and Jenny Daisley. Gillian is passionate about personal development and says: “It is a pleasure and a privilege [...]

Gillian Neish2020-07-08T21:14:35+01:00

Adetokunbo Adetayo


At various management levels in blue chip companies, Engr. Adetokunbo Adetayo provided support in achieving business objectives through People Development and Facilities Management. He is involved in Change Management, Leadership Training, Team Building, Project Management, Health, Safety & Environment, Customer Service, Emotional Intelligence, Executive Coaching and Delivery of Personal Development Programs. A University of Lagos Graduate of Engineering, Adetokunbo went on to obtain MBA in Technology Management with Specialization in Marketing. He is a member of many professional bodies in Nigeria and America. His personal forté include Objective Analytical Power and Strong Coaching Skills. He is a warm and effective [...]

Adetokunbo Adetayo2020-07-08T21:14:36+01:00

Zibah Nwako


ello! I am Zibah. It was both Michangelo and Leonardo da Vinci spoke these great words ‘Ancora imparo’, meaning – Still, I am learning. That, to me, is the spirit of what we do at AFFIRM – by providing training, consultancy and life coaching in Personal Development, Leadership and Life Skills, Entrepreneurship, and Soft Skills Management – to organisations, groups and individuals. My career has spanned the education, administration, business and human resources sectors, having successfully established and ran two private limited companies in the UK, with a combined team of 40 employees. Through AFFIRM, I work between the United [...]

Zibah Nwako2020-07-08T21:14:38+01:00

Dr Sue Hewitt


Sue Hewitt is a specialist in personal development for people at all levels, ages and stages of their lives and careers; women’s development for women at all levels as well as those studying for first or further degrees and working with scientists and managers to develop leadership skills. Sue demonstrates flair & expertise in researching, designing, delivering & evaluating learning experiences that achieve success. She responds to changing business requirements with resilience and creativity. Her client focused consultative approach is a winning formula for effective development and business success. Background I first encountered the Springboard Consultancy programmes at a stormy [...]

Dr Sue Hewitt2020-07-08T21:14:38+01:00

Véronique Legoubé


Undergraduate commercial business Training programme in Neuro Linguistic Programming 1996 Coach and Team Certification – Vincent Lenhardt – 1997 Certified Arc en Ciel RH (approach based on C. Jung and DISC) Collaborative approaches- Open Space – World CAFE Supervisor: Daniel CHERNET Key experience Véronique Legoubé has created her own company in 1992. Prior to that, Véronique held senior positions for five years as director of training for RMO. Team coaching and team building Kick off seminars for new team’s (fusion…) Vision and strategies deployment Improving performance (developing team spirit, etc.) Learning to manage crisis and tensions Developing co-operation for successful projects Individual Executive coaching Change [...]

Véronique Legoubé2020-07-08T21:14:39+01:00
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