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I can honestly say that the Springboard Programme changed my life. At the start of my work journey I did not really know what I wanted to do. However, Springboard made me think about how success in both work and life depends on having clear goals and objectives, and being aware of how you interact with other people. It all seems common sense to me now but all those years ago I really did need the focus Springboard that gave me. I have that now and am thoroughly enjoying my working life. I’ve been very successful with some amazing jobs, including very senior ones. I would recommend this Programme to anyone starting out in work who wants to know just how to go about achieving all your ambitions.

Denise Keating, Chief Executive Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion

Northamptonshire Police has worked successfully with Licensed Trainer Patricia Cresswell for the past 3 years delivering the Fresh Steps Programme to officers and staff within the Force. Delegate feedback is consistently positive which is why we look forward to continuing the programme going forward in collaboration with Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service. Delegates would recommend the programmes to others:
‘Definitely anyone who is at a crossroads in their lives would benefit for this course or even if they just want to determine they are in the right place’
‘You have changed my life!’
‘Whatever stage you are in in your life this course will open your eyes’. And we know there has been a cost benefit for the organisation as one participant said they would have been away on long term sick leave had they not attended the programme.

Caroline Oppido , HR Business Partner, Corporate Services, Northamptonshire Police February 2018

I personally left feeling motivated, encouraged and confident with ways of moving forward within the business and should the opportunity arise, for my personal needs, then maybe all will fall into place

Peter Scott, Royal Mail

Over a number of years, the Women’s Development Programme projects have helped to give insight into a variety of HR policy areas; in this example, the ‘flexible working’ survey allowed us to understand where the focus should be for the next 12 months.

Head of UK Reward, National Grid

Springboard is tried and tested in the police context, has an impact on women in the police and delivers results. It is a key component in achieving the Gender Agenda. I have no hesitation in recommending it throughout the police service.

Julie Spence, Former Chief Constable, Cambridgeshire Constabulary, UK

Many of the lessons I learnt from these programmes I have put into play, benefiting me, my employer and my family – both now and in the future. I can thoroughly recommend them for any NHS Trust.

Rainy Faisey, FCIPD, MBA, MSc, Deputy Director of Human Resources, Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust, UK

Boosts your self-esteem and brings you to your self realisation. Especially if you are at a cross roads, be it in personal or work experience.

Lilian Geke, Henkel Kenya Ltd

Springboard has created a wonderful platform to grow and develop the women in our organisations. We often hear of the personal and professional transformation in the workplace and beyond. The tools and skills are carried forward, strengthened by the relationships & networks they build throughout the programme.

Office of Environment and Heritage, Sydney, Australia

Not only have the individuals benefitted from gaining extra increments, upgrades and qualifications, but the departments and University have benefitted as can be seen by the wide range of additional responsibilities that the women have assumed since attending the programme. 46% have received extra payments, 20% have been upgraded, 39% are undertaking or have taken further qualifications, 61% have assumed additional responsibilities and 82% have had remarks made about other positive outcomes.

Debbie Greenwood, University of Leeds, UK

Springboard was a life-changing experience. To be surrounded by the support of a wonderful network of ladies and be able to express myself in a safe environment was fantastic. The key messages I took from it continue to guide my decisions and actions and remind me of the importance of kindness to self.

Melissa Bailey, Lake Macquarie Council, Australia

“Inspiring and confidence building, I’ve learnt to believe in myself for the first time in my life.

Jan James, Data Entry, Gwent Police, UK

“This course provides an ideal opportunity to share with others development strategies. It gave me the perfect support that enabled me to get promotion and created an environment to develop plans for future personal and professional development. I would thoroughly recommend it.

Hugh Kilmister, City University

Navigator is one way men can develop a much needed new sense of identity at work as well as a better balance between home and work

The Independent Newspaper

We use Springboard and Navigator as they boost substantially the personal and professional development of our staff.

Sinead Rafferty, Training and Development, First Trust Bank

Navigator is a fundamental part of our programme to equip younger or more junior staff with the skills and confidence they will need for more senior jobs with us or elsewhere. It links both to our target of lowering the age distribution across the council and increasing the number of staff from a BME background in more senior posts.

George Bishop, Director of Personnel and General Services, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Following Navigator, men are much more focused on their careers, rather than seeing work as ‘just a job’. It has broadened their horizons and shown how they can make things happen for themselves, rather than waiting for things to come to them.

MCL Group

Navigator has improved my personal effectiveness both at home and at work. I feel more confident and motivated than ever before. I’m enjoying my work once more; but more importantly, I’m enjoying life once more..

David Werritt, Wakefield Metropolitan District Council

An excellent chance to stop and think about where you are going personally and how that relates to your career. I found the course very interesting and hugely enjoyable.

Rob Moor, Improvement, Performance & Scrutiny, CSCI

Using the material within the course, I was able to present clear thoughts to the interview panel on how I wanted my career to develop away from laboratory work and into supervisory management. I doubt very much that I would have been successful without using the Navigator material to give me an edge.

Simon Ward, Birmingham University

The course brings confidence to people who lacked it and expands your mind to a whole new meaning to both work and home.

John Bielby, MITIE Managed Services

The Navigator programme has opened men’s eyes to personal development and given them the confidence to ask for what they need. Navigator has shown that men deserve to get support and will give it in return.

Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council

From my point of view, Navigator has been brilliant, especially as a younger member of the group starting out on my career path. The course has given me much greater focus on what I want and a lot of help with how to go about getting it.

Richard Jones, Suffolk Police

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