Originally commissioned by the UK Home Office, Development Plus is for senior women reaching for the top.

Development Plus is an innovative and specialised course, for both personal and work development, tailored for female leaders so they can overcome the invisible barriers that can prevent them from rising to senior positions in their organisations.

Written specifically for women by women, it was originally commissioned by the UK Home Office. It provides women with the skills, knowledge, support, ideas and determination to continue up the ladder.

The course recognises the realities of senior women’s lives and is tailored to the culture and needs of the client organisation and its senior women.

The Development Plus course will allow your organisation to:

  • Capitalise on your own in-house talent, thus reducing senior recruitment costs
  • Build a sustainable and diverse talent pipeline whilst taking positive action to counterbalance the lack of women at very senior levels.
  • Support a global community of women committed to their development and advancement.

Results After Programme

Self recognition of management strengths had improved 100%
Participants said they had a better awareness of top level 90%
Accessed coaching and mentoring support 90%
Work life balance was now ‘definitely in balance’ 50%

Who is it designed for ?
Development Plus is designed for women aspiring to reach the top of their organisations, or senior management levels, or senior Civil Service roles currently dominated by men.
Women approaching promotion ‘assessment centres’.

What does the programme consist of?

Delivered over a period of a several months, and accommodating pressing work requirements, Development Plus consists of:

  • intensely practical one and two-day modules spread over six to nine months
  • one-to-one coaching
  • a tastefully produced folder containing specifically tailored course materials
  • specialist input from more senior managers in the organisation
  • individually tailored assignments running between the modules

What results can I expect?
Development Plus delivers tangible benefits for senior women and their organisations which are clustered under these headings:

  • senior women applying for the top jobs
  • senior women applying to assessment centres for top jobs
  • women passing assessment centres
  • more resilient thinking
  • improved performance
  • enhanced customer service or satisfaction
  • tighter focus on organisational needs
  • increased confidence in their abilities as managers and leaders
  • improved stress and health management
  • improved management and leadership skills

Case Study: South Gloucestershire Council

Development Plus & South Gloucestershire Council | Springboard Consultancy

In-house Option

We can also run this course for you, at your organisation, at a time and date that suits you.

Evaluation Statistics

  • 90% of participants said they had a better awareness of top level
  • 100% said their self recognition of management strengths had improved
  • ‘having clear career strategies’ increased ten-fold
  • almost 100% reported the ’ability to communicate at all levels’ (from 67%)
  • knowledge of, and access to, sources of support – increased
  • emotional intelligence – increased
  • effective networking – more than doubled
  • managing pressure – ability increased
  • confidence – increased
  • skills development awareness – increased fourfold
  • 80% accessed coaching and mentoring support
  • 10% achieved promotion – before the course had finished
  • 30% applied for a higher grade – before the course had finished

Any female leaders within an organisation who want to overcome the invisible barriers that can prevent them from rising to senior positions in their organisation.

Also for organisations who want to develop their own talent and see better female representation at the most senior levels, should take affirmative action by setting up a cohort for this course.

What our clients say…

“A thought provoking and challenging experience, which made me realise once you reach the Senior Civil Service you need to prepared to step up to the mark and lead the way.”

Yvonne Thomas, EDRM , Deployment Manager

“I found the course stimulating and helpful; it provided me with both practical tools and some conceptual models to help my development. The access to coaching was a really helpful element of the course as was the modular structure. I warmly recommend it to others.”

Cristina Strood, Analyst, Reform and Change Team

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