Organisational culture is determined by the quality of the leadership team. As businesses grow, there is a risk of losing those key skills, abilities and values within.

The relationship between diversity, culture and business performance persists. There is a statistically significant correlation between a more diverse leadership team and performance.  By supporting senior management through their growth and development, we can ensure a more diverse and cultural aware business.

The Springboard Consultancy recognise that: –

  • Peoples behaviours are essential to effective leadership.
  • Culture is a mix of values, beliefs and behaviours to shape how the real work gets done.
  • Maximising individual strengths can result in increased performance.
  • It is a leader’s duty to uphold the values of the beliefs of the organisation through their actions and decisions. This enables the execution of the strategy.
  • A leader needs to fit with the culture and model desired behaviours
  • A leader needs to understand his or her fit with the culture and use this awareness to derive positive change.
  • Connect with employees’ hearts and minds, aligning to a common purpose.
  • Every employee deserves the opportunity to progress and fulfil their potential in their chosen field, regardless of their background.
  • Employers need to create more opportunities.

Personal development is a building platform on which to layer your management skills by: –

  • Increasing self-awareness, based on values, beliefs and purpose.
  • Strengthening leadership attributes.
  • Looking innovatively into the future.
  • Identifying new ways of mutual collaboration.
  • Creating a shared vision.
  • Inspiring all staff to be passionate about their work.
  • Maximising staff performance to their full potential.
  • Embedding behaviours so they are aligned with their culture and values
  • Clearer decision making.
  • Prioritising focus to move in the direction you want to move in.
  • Increasing clarity.
  • Increasing resilience.
  • Creating a more fulfilled, effective work relationship with support networks.
  • Re-motivation.

Programme overview

Our Consultants will work with your organisation and create a survey which will ask you to reflect on your current organisational leadership and culture. The questionnaires will then be analysed, and the results will be put into a report. This will be used to shape the programme content and the capability framework.

The Programme will consist of a number of modules to cover the outcomes shaped by the survey and the interview results.  We will be-spoke all the leadership programme materials to your organisations requirements which will ensure maximum impact of learning and development.

Modules can include:-

  • Organisational strategy.
  • Organisational change.
  • Organisational culture.
  • Creating a shared culture.
  • Leading individuals.
  • Self-Development.

The programme will also: –

  • Give time to reflect and share.
  • Help set achievable goals for now and the future.
  • Celebrate diversity and how to overcome prejudice.
  • Take like-minding individuals on a transformational journey.
  • Positively help your organisation change and reshape.
  • Develop thoughts and ideas to specific objectives and present a strategy to achieve them.
  • Look at your relationships and choose how you build on then and divide time amongst them.
  • Recognise what you have achieved already and build on that good foundation.
  • Explore how you think and the tools you can use to become more effective.

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