Introductory Interactive Workshops

Our short interactive workshops are a suite of shorter learning experiences designed to support the development of your staff within your organisation.

Delivered remotely over the Zoom platform, our 2.5 hour workshops enable maximum accessibility by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Please view our range of workshops below and start bringing the benefits to your staff and organisation.

Maximum number of participants per workshop: 20

Learning to understand your resilience, recognising where there are weaknesses and take steps to build it up will help you overcome stressful situations.

This virtual workshop teaches individuals what resilience is and how to build and maximise their own whilst maintaining their wellbeing.

Who is it aimed at?

This introductory workshop is suitable for people facing ‘change’ wanting to build their resilience in the workplace or in their personal lives.

Content overview:

  • What resilience is, where does it come from, why it matters and the benefits
  • How our resilience develops
  • Signs you may need to develop your resilience
  • The 5 pillars of resilience: energy, future focus, inner drive, flexible thinking, strong relationships, and wellbeing
  • Develop your own personal resilience action plans
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Good stress management is vitally important at any time but at a time of heightened challenge, it is essential that we develop strategies for dealing with it.

Who is it aimed at?

This introductory workshop is suitable for people wanting to better manage their own stress and pressure levels.

Content Overview:

  • Recognising the signs of stress and the causes
  • Identifying your individual stressors
  • Tools and Techniques for coping with stress
  • Mental and physical health & wellbeing
  • Boosting your self-belief
  • ‘Stress busting’ hints and tips
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Health and wellbeing in the workplace is about feeling content and maintaining a good work-life-balance, improving confidence, job satisfaction, developing positive relationships and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Who is it aimed at?

This introductory Workshop is suitable for people who want to improve their own personal health and wellbeing.

Content Overview:

  • Relationship between physical and mental health
  • Recognising the importance of maintaining good physical health
  • Techniques for connecting with yourself and others
  • Developing strategies for positive physical and mental health wellbeing
  • Maintaining emotional balance
  • Build your own personal plan
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Raising your profile and visibility raises your credibility.  This one key element can help you get a promotion, a new job role or an investment in your own personal or

professional future.

Who is it aimed at?

This introductory workshop is aimed at people wanting to explore ways to raise their profile and visibility in the workplace or personally.

Content Overview:

  • Gaining recognition
  • Your profile and personal brand
  • Overcoming the barriers
  • Promoting yourself positively ‘stand out from the crowd’
  • Tools and techniques to raise your profile and visibility
  • The Power of Networking
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Building new Networks and maintaining existing ones are an important way to reach out and connect with others.  This introductory workshop demystifies the concept of “Networking” by exploring the tools and techniques to enable you to maximise and build your support and connections both at work and personally.

Who is it aimed at?

This introductory workshop is for people who want to review their current networks and build and improve on them.

Content overview:

  • What is Networking
  • The importance and benefits of a good support network
  • Different types of networks – face to face and virtual
  • Overcoming barriers to networking
  • Tools and Techniques to maximise and expand your network
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Developing effective communication skills and confidence makes a big difference to the success of your organisation by avoiding misunderstandings and improving work and personal relationships.  This introductory workshop will enable you to gain some practical tools and techniques to support effective communication.

Who is it aimed at?

This introductory workshop is aimed at people wanting to understand the fundamentals of effective communication and explore how they can maximise their own within the workplace or personally.

Content Overview:

  • What is effective Communication
  • Identifying barriers to Communication and tips and techniques to overcome them
  • The impact of non-verbal and verbal communication
  • The art of active listening
  • Cross Gender communication
  • Tools and Techniques for effective communication and managing conversations
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