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Diverse Teams = Powerful Organisations: Build Success in Personal Development

By |June 27th, 2024|Categories: Gender Pay Gap, Organisational change|

Building Powerful Teams: Why Diverse Teams Drive Success in Personal & Professional Development In the world of personal and professional development, fostering growth and unlocking potential is at our core. But how can we truly empower others if our own teams lack the richness of diverse perspectives? At Springboard Consultancy, we believe building equality, diverse, and inclusive (EDI) teams is not just the right thing to do, it's the key [...]

Personal Development vs Skills-based Training – Which should you choose?

By |June 18th, 2024|Categories: Developing Talent Within Your Organisation, Organisational culture, Personal Development, Professional Development|

Choosing the right solution for your needs - we explore the personal development vs skills-based training conundrumOne of the questions we get asked a lot is why choose personal development programmes over skills-based training? Investing in skills is very important, but technical competency must be supported by personal effectiveness and be sustainable over the longer term. As such, they are both equally important and should be invested in together.We understand [...]

Employee Wellbeing: How to Identify Burnout

By |June 11th, 2024|Categories: Culture in the workplace, Mental Health, Organisational culture|

Employee wellbeing is a growing concern in today's fast-paced work environment. Burnout is more than just feeling tired – it's a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by prolonged or excessive stress. Defined by World Health Organisation (WHO), burnout is a feeling of exhaustion and not only impacts individual well-being, but also leads to decreased productivity, higher absenteeism, and increased turnover. This can have a significant financial cost [...]

New Open Programme Schedule 2024/25

By |June 6th, 2024|Categories: Career development courses, Developing Talent Within Your Organisation, Organisational strategy|

Unlock Peak Performance with Accessible Personal & Professional Development ProgrammesWe are delighted to share our new open programme schedule for the 2024/25 academic year, designed to support men and women with the tools and techniques they need to thrive in their personal and professional lives, creating a measurable impact on the organisations they work for. Our schedule includes our acclaimed Springboard Work & Personal Development Programme for Women, Navigator Work [...]

People Before Profit: Why Investing in HR is Crucial During a Cost-of-Living Crisis

By |May 28th, 2024|Categories: Career development courses, Developing Talent Within Your Organisation, Organisational strategy|

The current cost-of-living crisis presents a significant challenge for businesses. Budgets are tightening, and every expense needs careful scrutiny. However, prioritising people before profit investments in your HR department might seem counterintuitive. Here's why it's actually the smartest move you can make: Engaged Employees Drive Efficiency and Growth A happy, engaged workforce is a productive one. When employees feel valued and invested in, they're more likely to go the extra [...]

The Key to Reducing Staff Turnover: Invest in Personal Development Programmes

By |May 21st, 2024|Categories: Culture in the workplace, Developing Talent Within Your Organisation, Organisational change, Organisational culture, Organisational strategy, Professional Development|

The revolving door of staff turnover is a familiar sight for many HR professionals. But what lies beneath the surface of this seemingly endless cycle? It's not just disgruntled employees seeking greener pastures. Often, the root causes of staff turnover are internal issues that can be addressed. Every year, an average of 16.8% of UK employees leave their jobs (Capacity Insights). Staff turnover is a pressing issue for many organisations, [...]

Bridging the Gap: How to Address the Gender Pay Gap in Your Organisation (and Why It Matters)

By |May 14th, 2024|Categories: Blog, Culture in the workplace, Gender Pay Gap, Inclusive culture in the work place, Organisational culture|

The gender pay gap remains a persistent issue in workplaces around the world. In 2023, the gap among full-time employees increased to 7.7%, up from 7.6% in 2022 [ONS gender pay gap statistics]. This disparity not only impacts individual financial security but also hinders talent acquisition, innovation, and overall business success. As champions of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), HR professionals and individuals alike have a crucial role to play [...]

Springboard Consultancy Provides an Inclusive Experience Online

By |April 22nd, 2024|Categories: Inclusive culture in the work place, Inequality, Diversity and Inclusion Programmes / Training|

Springboard Consultancy now provides an inclusive online experience to enable website visitors to access online content and services barrier-free. As part of our diversity and inclusion strategy, website visitors are now able to access a wide range of accessibility and language support tools to customize their digital experience through Recite Me assistive technology. Being able to offer an inclusive experience is essential to support over 25% of the population who [...]

Gender-Specific Personal Development: Mythbusting & Building Inclusive Growth

By |March 13th, 2024|Categories: Career development courses, Development Programmes For Men, Men’s personal development courses, Men’s personal development workshops|Tags: , , , , , |

Join the conversation driven on breaking down gender stereotypes and creating inclusive spaces for personal development with Kirsty Lancaster, our EDI Programme Manager at Springboard Consultancy. Kirsty explains our approach to single-gender personal and professional development, and why we do it this way. Read on for insights and to debunk misconceptions! As the technical expert and ED&I ambassador at Springboard Consultancy, I am passionate about challenging sexism, stereotyping, and discrimination [...]

Positive Mindset: Powering Success in Career & Childbirth

By |March 5th, 2024|Categories: Confidence building, Improving your resilience and wellbeing, Managing your career, Personal Development, Resilience and Wellbeing, Springboard|

Have you ever heard of Roger Bannister? He was the first person to run a mile in under four minutes. Prior to his success, sports journalists had us convinced that it couldn’t be done. Whether or not you believe that athletes would have reached this barrier eventually, it’s no surprise that Bannister’s attitude towards the feat was one of positivity. If we believe that we will be successful in something, [...]

How To Unlock Success Through Coaching in the Workplace

By |January 23rd, 2024|Categories: Culture in the workplace, Developing Talent Within Your Organisation, Improving diverse representation, Organisational culture, Professional Development|

Achieving success isn't just about climbing the traditional ladder. It's about navigating a complex ecosystem where talent, potential, and individual strengths intersect with diverse perspectives and equal opportunities. Regular coaching acts as a powerful tool to unlock success through coaching, empowering individuals from all backgrounds to thrive. Here's some proof why from LinkedIn: 80% of coaching clients say that they improved their self-esteem or self-confidence thanks to coaching. 73% of [...]

Soft Skills Supercharge Your Career: The Essential Guide to Soft Skills for Professional Success

By |January 19th, 2024|Categories: Career progression, Improving your resilience and wellbeing, Personal Development, Progression in the workplace, Self-Development|

In the competitive job market, technical skills are undeniably important. But what separates the truly successful professionals from the rest? The answer lies in a set of often overlooked yet crucial: soft skills. Soft skills are the interpersonal and intrapersonal traits that enable us to effectively navigate the complexities of professional life. They encompass communication, teamwork, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, and adaptability, among others. While these skills may seem intangible, their [...]

Equality Diversity and Inclusion Training: Boost Productivity & Drive Success

By |January 5th, 2024|Categories: Creating a shared culture, Culture in the workplace, Developing Talent Within Your Organisation, Improving diverse representation, Inclusive culture in the work place, Inequality, Diversity and Inclusion Programmes / Training, Organisational culture|

Why is Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion important for companies? Companies with diverse management teams report greater innovation revenue, sales revenue increases 15-fold among companies with high racial diversity and Inclusive teams make better business decisions twice as fast. - EduMe Invest in success through workshops and training courses designed with EDI at their core. At Springboard Consultancy, we're passionate about helping organisations unlock the full potential of their workforce through [...]

Navigating the complexities of policing: How Robert Machin became a Navigator men’s development programme at Avon and Somerset Constabulary

By |December 11th, 2023|Categories: Case Studies, Developing Talent Within Your Organisation, Development Programmes For Men, Men’s personal development courses, Navigator, Personal Development|

Amidst the complexities of policing, our Navigator men's development programme at Avon and Somerset Constabulary has emerged as a valuable tool for fostering employee resilience and growth. This case study delves into the experiences of Learning Support Advisor, Robert Machin's Navigator men's development programme at Avon and Somerset Constabulary, to understand how he has benefited from becoming a Springboard Consultancy trainer. It highlights the programme's effectiveness in enhancing employees' emotional [...]

Harnessing the Power of Coaching & Personal Development to Foster a Culture of Success

By |December 8th, 2023|Categories: Career development courses, Inequality, Diversity and Inclusion Programmes / Training, Personal Development, Professional Development|

In today's competitive business landscape, organisations are constantly seeking ways to enhance their workforce, optimise productivity, and achieve their strategic objectives. Within employee development practices, coaching and personal development stands out as a powerful tool that can significantly impact employee performance and overall organisational success. Understanding the Essence of Coaching Coaching is not about providing instruction or training. It's a collaborative and ongoing process that empowers individuals to reach their [...]

Environmental Champion: Lisa Baines, Environmental Technical Lead at National Grid Shares her Spring Forward Experience

By |November 27th, 2023|Categories: Career development courses, Case Studies, Leadership courses, Leadership Development Programmes, Professional Development|

In the heart of the United Kingdom's energy sector, amidst the intricate network of power lines and substations, stands Lisa Baines, a woman of unwavering commitment to environmental National Grid. As an Environmental Technical Lead, Lisa plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the company's operations align with the highest standards of environmental sustainability. Her experience is an inspiring story of the transformative power of our personal and professional development [...]

Empowering Women to Achieve Their Full Potential: A Case Study with Samantha McLean, Women’s Development Trainer

By |November 24th, 2023|Categories: Blog, Case Studies, Changing Career, Confidence building, Jobs, Managing your career, Personal Development, Personal development coaching, Self-Development, Springboard, Trainer Profile|

In today's world, it is more important than ever for women to have access to the resources and support they need to reach their full potential. Samantha McLean, a licensed Springboard Women's Development trainer, is dedicated to empowering women and helping them achieve their goals. As a freelance trainer for Springboard Consultancy, Samantha has a wealth of experience in helping women overcome challenges and achieve success. Springboard Development Programme is [...]

Empower Yourself and Others by Becoming a Springboard Consultancy Licensed Trainer!

By |November 23rd, 2023|Categories: Case Studies, Confidence building, Development Programmes For Men, Men’s personal development courses, Men’s personal development workshops, Navigator|

Hear from Nick Buckley about his transformative journey as a licensed trainer and the profound impact he has made on the lives of others. Nick Buckley - Freelance Navigator Men's Development Programme Trainer Case Study Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you came to be a Springboard Consultancy licensed trainer? 'My academic pathway started in mechanical engineering, but then I switched to philosophy of science [...]

How I Boosted My Career and Confidence with Springboard women’s development programme at National Grid

By |October 20th, 2023|Categories: Case Studies, Confidence building, Improving your resilience and wellbeing, Personal Development, Resilience and Wellbeing, Springboard|

In today's rapidly evolving professional environment, gender diversity and inclusivity have emerged as crucial elements for the growth and success of any industry. However, numerous fields continue to be dominated by male voices, leaving women to navigate unique challenges and barriers in their pursuit of career progression. To address this and foster a more inclusive work environment, we have been working with National Grid to provide our Springboard women’s development [...]

Unlock Potential: The Power of Personal & Professional Development in Employee Investment

By |October 13th, 2023|Categories: Blog, Career development courses, Career progression, Confidence and communication workshops, Confidence building, Developing Talent Within Your Organisation, Improving your resilience and wellbeing, Inclusive culture in the work place, Inequality, Diversity and Inclusion Programmes / Training, Managing your career, Organisational change, Organisational culture, Overcoming barriers to success, Personal Development, Professional Development, Resilience and Wellbeing, Springboard|Tags: , , , , |

In today's competitive job market, organisations are constantly seeking ways to attract and retain top talent. It's not just about offering competitive salaries and benefits; it's also about investing in your employees' growth and development. This investment pays off in numerous ways, including improved job satisfaction, reduced staff turnover, increased productivity, and motivated employees. At Springboard Consultancy, we understand the importance of personal AND professional development, and we're excited to [...]

National Grid Case Study

By |August 23rd, 2023|Categories: Case Studies, News, Personal Development|

In this case study, we explore how working with National Grid with a focus of investing in their employees, and working to bridge the gap of gender equality in a male dominated industry has impacted them as an organisation. We look into why investing in your workforce has significant benefits and how our Springboard and Spring Forward programmes have empowered their women to progress in both their careers and [...]

Experience as a woman in a male-dominated industry

By |August 7th, 2023|Categories: News, Personal Development|

As an expert in the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion space, we strive to ensure equal opportunities for everyone. We spoke to Kirsty Lancaster about her experience as a woman in a male-dominated industry, and her perspective on how we can continue to provide top notch support and empowerment for both clients and individuals in the workplace. Grab a cuppa, you’re going to enjoy this! The dictionary definition of equality: [...]

Springboard Personal Development

By |May 15th, 2023|Categories: News, Personal Development|

Springboard Personal Development: A participant perspective, from Cheryl - University of Portsmouth We value the feedback from our participants and organisations we work with. This was no different when we caught up with Cheryl Buck, Principal Lecturer in Law and Associate Head Academic at the University of Portsmouth. Cheryl shares her insight after recently attending our Springboard Women’s Personal Development Programme,. What was your expectation of the Springboard Women’s [...]

The Queen’s Legacy of Leadership

By |September 26th, 2022|Categories: News|

Queen Elizabeth was the epitome of female leaders. Being the head of state for 15 countries, most of us have lived most of our lives under her reign. For as long as we can remember she has been on bank notes and coins, stamps, passports and post boxes. The queen normalised women being in charge without even mentioning it. Devoting her entire life to duty, The Queen earned a [...]

How has Springboard helped University of Leeds?

By |September 22nd, 2022|Categories: News|Tags: |

Recently we met with Organisational Learning Partner, Jo Westerman MBE and Eileen Barrett to find out how Springboard has helped University of Leeds. With a background in science, 2 degrees, whilst working at the University of Leeds, Jo persuaded them to open the Learning Opportunities for Gaining Information and Knowledge Centre for staff, and set up all kinds of classes for the staff to develop themselves. After her first [...]

Authentic Leader Development Programme

By |March 29th, 2021|Categories: News|Tags: |

Introduce an Authentic Leadership Style to Your Business Skilled, empathetic, authentic leadership is essential for propelling your organisation through challenging times. In fact, research shows that the behaviours characterised by authentic leadership are now more relevant than ever. 81% of professionals expect some form of negative impact from the COVID-19 pandemic 73% of UK professionals say their company's leadership has struggled to adapt during the pandemic Professionals cited that [...]

What a difference a day makes!

By |April 8th, 2020|Categories: Blog, Improving your resilience and wellbeing, News, Personal Development, Resilience and Wellbeing|Tags: , , , , , |

As we think about the enormity of what is happening to the world at the moment, it is easy to forget that the Easter Bank holiday is rapidly approaching for us here in the UK. This holiday usually results in a mass exodus as many of us have been planning, then preparing to pack and travel on short breaks maybe overseas or to the coast, the hills or meeting [...]

Improvise, adapt and overcome!

By |March 19th, 2020|Categories: Blog, Mental Health, News|

We are day by day facing more challenges to our working and social norms. So as individuals we are going to need to as the military always say ‘improvise, adapt and overcome!’ We know that we are living in extraordinary times because of Covid-19. This is a global problem and what is shows more than anything is that irrespective of where we come from, what our beliefs are we [...]

Coronavirus – challenging working norms?

By |March 17th, 2020|Categories: Blog, Mental Health, News|

The Coronavirus is challenging working norms and will become an unlikely ally of improving inclusive practices, as it is beginning to get employers to deploy homeworking! This will work as a field trial and if successful could potentially change the way the world thinks of work. Although many employers are naturally nervous about productivity, security and isolation of staff if it were to introduce homeworking, many of those who [...]


By |December 10th, 2019|Categories: Blog, Mental Health, News|

It has been well documented over the last 12 months, that the construction industry takes great care in protecting staff from visible risks, however the increased presence of hidden risks needs to be addressed - mental health and wellness. The need to address employee’s mental health, wellbeing and development should be a priority for organisations.  The same attitudes and protocols towards physical health and safety, should be replicated to [...]

Addressing the barriers to BAME employees and creating fairer futures

By |December 9th, 2019|Categories: Blog, Ethnicity / BAME Programmes, News|

Our working population is increasingly diverse with more individuals from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds entering the workforce. However, there is still much more we must do to remove barriers to entering the labour market and ensure progression for all ethnic groups in the workplace. There is no reason why the workforce in all organisations should not reflect the diversity of the communities in which their employer operates. It [...]

Alomey is on its’ way to develop Springboard in the West of France

By |October 15th, 2019|Categories: Blog, News|

Anne Beaugé is one of 8 women out of the 90 or so skippers from various backgrounds, who lined up in La Rochelle on Sunday 22nd September at 2:15 pm, for the start of the 22nd edition of the Mini-Transat La Boulangère. This race, brings together the smallest ocean racing boats (only 6.50m long), links La Rochelle and Marin in Martinique (French West Indies) via the Canary Islands. To [...]

I used to be a lawyer, now I’m happy! by Guest Blogger Camille Lamouille, Elevor

By |October 14th, 2019|Categories: Blog, News|

Last week I had the chance to meet Dr Martin Seligman, founding father of Positive Psychology, the discipline that changed my life! Monday, February 4, 2019, on the train to Paris to spend the day at the Festival of Positive Energies. A galvanizing day that made me quickly forget the 3 hours of train, the twenty minute queue at the wagon bar and the RER D being blocked. But [...]

Life lessons from life’s resources

By |August 22nd, 2019|Categories: Blog, News|

Tucked at the side of every training room running the Springboard Women’s Development Programme is a treasure trove. This is the ‘resource table’. My experience of training rooms has often meant this table is somewhat worn, perhaps a mismatch with the other furniture and on one memorable occasion was actually just a window ledge. No matter, thanks to a very handy length of sari material, I can transform any [...]

The Growth Mindset: How our beliefs can sabotage or encourage our success! By Guest Blogger Camille Lamouille, Elveor

By |June 25th, 2019|Categories: Blog, News, Personal Development|

« I did not fail. I just found 10,000 solutions that do not work. » – Thomas Edison – During a recent spring cleanup with my family, we ran into my sister’s primary report cards in a closet. If they were actually quite good, I was strongly challenged by the comments of his teachers – she salutes by the way! These emphasized only the lack, the failure, the gaps. [...]

How long is your ‘now’? by guest blogger Dr Sarah Robins-Hobden

By |March 27th, 2019|Categories: Blog, News, Personal Development|

Anxiety is a focus on the future, and rumination is a focus on the past. That means the only time we can meaningfully exist is the now – the present time. But what is the scope of the ‘now’, and what are its limits? Today? This minute, this second? I think we can choose, I think it is however long we want it to be. If you slice and [...]

How are you managing your time budget? By Guest Blogger Dr Sarah Robins-Hobden

By |March 20th, 2019|Categories: Blog, News|

‘Time is money’, so the saying goes. Except I don’t think it is. Time might be like money in some ways, but it is also different to money in others. You can spend time, but you can’t buy it. You can invest time, but your investment won’t attract more time in interest payments. You can share time with other people or even give it away, without having less of [...]

‘Better the balance, better the world’

By |March 18th, 2019|Categories: Blog, News, Personal Development|

Over 20 years ago I was fortunate enough to take part in the Springboard Women’s Personal Development Programme. At that time I was an engineer working for BT, one of the first users of the Springboard programme. I became part of a cohort of 80 women supported to undertake this award-winning programme that has been running for nearly 30 years and is now delivered in more than 47 countries [...]

Your go-to space-maker – the most assertive thing you can do? By Guest Blogger Dr Sarah Robins-Hobden

By |March 13th, 2019|Categories: Blog, News, Personal Development|

Taking the time and headspace to make a more considered response is one of the most assertive things you can do. Be kind to your future self, and try this. Maybe you’ve read a lot about assertiveness techniques, practiced some assertive conversation starters. You’ve spent time working out your desired outcome, and how you’ll handle it if you don’t get what you want (and if you do!). You are [...]

What if you don’t hit ‘snooze’? By guest blogger Sarah Robins-Hobden

By |March 3rd, 2019|Categories: Blog, News, Personal Development|

The morning alarm. Sometimes when my alarm goes off, I just don’t feel like it. I hit snooze. Perhaps I’m tired. Maybe I’m postponing something I don’t want to do. Sometimes, when the alarm goes off again, I’ll hit snooze. Again. Honestly, there have been occasions when I’ve hit snooze several times. The idea alarm. Sometimes I have an idea. Maybe for a workshop, maybe a solution to a [...]

Keeping the Focus and Enthusiasm by Guest Blogger Julia Ffoulkes

By |February 27th, 2019|Categories: Blog, News, Personal Development|

As I returned to work from the Christmas/New Year break I found trying to muster the energy up to get back into work and perform at a high level somewhat difficult.  I think and reminisce of mince pies and over-drinking, and basically eating everything in sight had left me feeling depressed and unenthusiastic about anything. Working for Royal Mail your period of rest and relaxation over Christmas is limited [...]

Leadership development for women – By Dave Gunner co-editor of Ruby, the Virgin Atlantic Blog

By |February 20th, 2019|Categories: Blog, Case Studies, News, Springboard|

Training – it might sound dry, but it’s one of the most exciting, important things we do here at Virgin Atlantic. It’s about developing our people into the best they can be, whatever their role at the airline. Giving them the tools to do a great job, to look after our customers and each other, and to work towards our goal of being the UK’s most loved travel company. One [...]

String of Words by Guest Blogger Helen Ivory

By |February 11th, 2019|Categories: Blog, News|

“Thanks to the poetry group I have become the biggest fan of poetry and I write every week. Good luck with the group, I really enjoyed it.” MA Art History Student and Sprint 2018 participant. Listening to the group presentations on the final day of a Sprint course that I delivered last year at the University of Essex, I was struck by how creative and passionate the participants were [...]

Thoughts on the Impostor Syndrome by guest blogger Gill Donnell

By |January 31st, 2019|Categories: Blog, News, Personal Development|

Whenever I am involved in discussions about women and confidence, whether that is in business or personal life, inevitably the subject of the Impostor Syndrome comes up. So, what is it? Impostor syndrome can be defined as a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist even in face of information that indicates that the opposite is true. It is experienced internally as chronic self-doubt, and feelings of intellectual fraudulence. It is basically feeling [...]

The Power of Women Only Events By guest blogger Gill Donnell

By |January 16th, 2019|Categories: Blog, News|

As a freelance trainer for the Springboard Women’s Development Programme, I am a passionate supporter of the positive impact that it has had on so many women across the globe. I first discovered the Programme whilst a Senior Police Officer, when looking for positive action initiatives to help increase the numbers of women in senior positions. In the early 00’s, I realised that there were a lot of very [...]

Are 30 day challenges worth doing? By guest blogger Gill Donnell

By |January 3rd, 2019|Categories: Blog, News|

Last week I suggested some tips that might be helpful if you are planning to set yourself personal or professional goals for 2019. One of the ‘tricks’ that I use to help with achieving my goals is to set myself 30 day challenges. I was originally inspired by Jason Zook’s challenge (click the link to read his article). He talks about profound changes he has made in his life in [...]

5 Tips To Help Kick Start Your New Year’s Goals – By Guest Blogger Gill Donnell

By |January 1st, 2019|Categories: Blog, News|

You will note that I haven’t used the word resolution in the title of this blog. I’m not actually a fan of setting next year’s goals on or around New Year’s Eve, the traditional time for planning how we are going to make our lives so much better. This is mainly because by 11.30pm on 31st December I am probably heading towards the end of my second bottle of Prosecco! [...]

‘The Puss in Boots’ Philosophy – Rebecca Winn

By |December 29th, 2018|Categories: Blog, News|

It’s the pantomime season – oh yes it is! That peculiarly British tradition in which everyone looks grotesque, no one is quite what they seem, the audience works as hard as the cast and bad jokes abound. I LOVE it, and this year I’m thoroughly enjoying being in our local production of Puss in Boots. My character is a baddy which is particularly fun; lots of sneering at the [...]

Three Gifts from the Wise (Wo)Men – By Guest Blogger Rebecca Winn

By |December 27th, 2018|Categories: Blog, News|

We recently rediscovered some old family slides (remember those?). Having struggled to see them through an ancient slide viewer, we made the decision to get them digitalised. What fun when they arrived back! There was my family going back to the 1950s (before I was born) through the arrival of my older brothers and myself, and family holidays and occasions since. Some of them I’m sure I hadn’t seen [...]

‘Ticking the seasonal boxes’ – Rebecca Winn

By |December 21st, 2018|Categories: Blog, News|

In case you hadn’t noticed, Christmas is thundering into view at some pace! Whether you celebrate it or not, Christmas has a habit of generating plenty of extra activity, be that fun stuff like mince pies with the neighbours, or less lovely concerns around trying to juggle the budget. I was talking to a friend about this the other day. She has two school-age children who are full-on with [...]

Do you believe in “Personality clashes”? By guest blogger Yvonne Coolbear

By |December 21st, 2018|Categories: Blog, News|

I don’t believe in “personality clashes” – at least not in the sense of “Oh, they’ll just never get on – it’s a personality clash”.  When I hear that phrase uttered at work, it seems to me to be a way of explaining why the two people concerned have not been ‘encouraged’ by their manager to learn how to get along with each other.  A justification for avoidance.  A [...]

Making a difference one pomander at a time – By Guest Blogger Rebecca Winn

By |December 17th, 2018|Categories: Blog, News|

Last week I was speaking with Helen, the General Manager of a residential home for older people I have come to know quite well. We were talking about the upcoming Christmas period and how some of her residents no longer have family or friends that can come to visit them. Here’s what she told me, pretty much as she said it. “I’ve been encouraging the staff to come up [...]

Why looking for your life purpose could be a mistake – By Guest Blogger Rebecca Winn

By |December 3rd, 2018|Categories: Blog, News|

Last week I had one of those ‘aha!’ moments, and as is often the case, it happened in a session with my business coach. (Yes, coaches need coaching too!) It was this phrase that did it: “We constantly try and find our purpose. Maybe instead we should CHOOSE our purpose and work towards that.” What do you think? Let me explain why this was an important thing for me [...]

Into The Woods: When Love Isn’t Always A Fairy Tale By Guest Blogger Rebecca Winn

By |December 3rd, 2018|Categories: Blog, News|

Every now and again, something I read sears straight through to my head and my heart. And so I find myself using this Guest Blogger slot to tell you about a very special book I’ve read this week. The book is called Into the Woods: When Love Isn’t Always A Fairy Tale and it’s by Julie Leoni, a Coach working here in the UK. The link to buy a [...]

What winds you up? By Guest Blogger Yvonne Coolbear

By |November 28th, 2018|Categories: Blog, News|

Other people wind me up! I was recently in a traffic jam with my husband and he was not a happy bunny!  We had been warned by the electric signs on the road that we were heading towards a hold-up about 30 miles further down the road, so we knew we were in for a wait – over an hour of delays, it turned out.  However, after 5 or [...]

What do you really dislike about Facebook? By guest blogger Yvonne Coolbear

By |November 14th, 2018|Categories: Blog, News|

One of the things I really dislike about Facebook are those posts that seek to play on our emotions to ‘make’ us share the post.  You know the ones I mean – the “share if you care” or “I bet I won’t get even one like because I’ve been told I’m so ugly” kind of posts.  Now, I’m usually an easy-going, even tempered person; but my internal reaction to [...]

What’s driving our life decisions? By guest blogger Yvonne Coolbear

By |November 7th, 2018|Categories: Blog, News|

I often wonder what drives our life decisions.  Are we making decisions that are logical, reasonable and based on our own goals that we have set for ourselves?  Or are we somehow trying to live up to someone else’s expectations, wishes or hopes for us?  Or living up to some idealistic picture of who we think we should be? Let me explain – I often think about two particular [...]

Successful selling – by guest blogger Sue Hewitt

By |October 30th, 2018|Categories: Blog, News|

As I run my own business I am selling things.  I sell my time, my knowledge, my expertise, my products. That means I engage in a sales process with my clients, moving them towards saying yes and buying what I have to sell. I’ve been on a variety of courses and read self-help books to aid my success in this area. One of the bits of information that I’ve [...]

Getting far enough away – by guest blogger Sue Hewitt

By |October 24th, 2018|Categories: Blog, News|

I had a complete weekend off last week. Well I thought it was a weekend off. I’ve started reading through some family archives. I’ve got around 200 letters between my uncle and family members written between 1944 and 1947, together with lots of other info like his posting notices. He was in the Royal Naval Air Squadron. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, I started cataloguing it [...]

Natural Highs – By Guest Blogger Sue Hewitt

By |October 17th, 2018|Categories: Blog, News|

I was at a sales conference recently and we were talking about having fun at work. Sadly lots of us don’t do that. There are also very many people who don’t have fun out of work either. Having fun gives us a high and this makes the world a better place. You can’t feel negative after a good laugh. So my challenge to you today is to find a [...]

The Assertive You – Try a Little Kindness! By Guest Blogger Chris Knight

By |October 10th, 2018|Categories: Blog, News|

Through assertiveness we develop contact with ourselves and with others. We become real human beings with real ideas, real differences…and real flaws. And we admit all of these things. We don’t try to become someone else’s mirror. We don’t try to suppress someone else’s uniqueness. We don’t try to pretend that we’re perfect. We become ourselves. We allow ourselves to be there. Randy Paterson Canadian Psychologist Author The Assertiveness [...]

How Finding Support Can Change Your Life – by Guest Blogger Chris Knight

By |October 3rd, 2018|Categories: Blog, News|

CLARITY – “First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.” Epictetus Attending the recent Queensland Rural Regional and Remote Womens Network Conference (QRRRWN) in country Kingaroy Queensland Australia encapsulated the value of what women can achieve when they have an education and access to information and nurturing supportive networks. In the 30 years that I have been attending professional and community [...]

Increase Your Networks with Digital Technologies. Make it Happen. By guest blogger Chris Knight

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Our lives continue to evolve around our ability to keep up with the rapidly changing technologies and how to use IT effectively to expand our networks, research information, make conscious consumer choices when we shop online, continue our lifelong learning, share ideas and connect with other like minded business associates, community organisations and individuals who share common interests. It is not easy to stay on top of it all [...]

Social Impact and the Digital Economy – By Guest Blogger Chris Knight

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Do you know the difference between a Bit.com, Sit.com, Dot.com, Dit.com, (OK so I made that last one up:>) and the endless stream of tech savvy jargon that seems to infiltrate our modern communication systems? To this little baby boomer it just goes right over her head. Between the evolving applications on Androids, IPhones, IPads, Notebooks and all those other gismo’s, the old days of the computer hard drive [...]

Transforming Lives Through Education by Guest Blogger Chris Knight

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“There are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. There is a third power stronger than both, that of women.” ― Malala Yousafzai, I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban SDG # 4 Transforming Lives Through Education (The World We Live In) I am delighted to be invited as the Springboard Guest [...]

Top 10 tips from Springboard Speakers

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An essential part of the Springboard Women’s Development Programme mix is where we learn from another woman’s experiences during the guest speaker session. Each face to face session will have a different speaker bringing their own life lessons, approach and story into the room. I have had the privilege of listening to many a fabulous speaker. They have come from across all levels of the organisations I work with [...]

5 brilliant books – beach reading optional

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As I write Britain is experiencing a heat wave. The tepid paddling pool on the dusty remnants of my lawn is my ‘beach view’ from the laptop. My neighbour’s kids are squealing as they splash into their own paddling pool. All it would take is the smell of suncream and a good book and I could be in the med on holiday. I love reading on holiday – last [...]

Qualified success?

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Schools, colleges and universities are all places of learning. As August looms and the public exams in the UK publish the results, the focus is very much on qualifications. My social media feeds are currently full of smiling graduations posted by proud parents. Our household is waiting to find out A level results. Pathways to the future are being set. My training role finds me most weeks in universities [...]

Values that fascinate

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Personal branding. I admit I am still deciding whether I like the term. Branding always reminds me of black and white cowboy movies or it brings to mind ‘80s’power dressing’. And both of those remind me of my age! But whether we like it or not the world experiences us. We have a brand. It isn’t as simplistic as what clothes we wear. Our attitudes, personalities and approaches feed [...]

Accepting and owning our assertiveness

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Why do so many of us lack the self-confidence and self-belief to seize new challenges or deal with the issues that impact our professional development? I have listened to successful women speak about their amazing and diverse career journeys and then admit that even they aren’t able to negotiate their own salary effectively. What is it that is holding us back? Is it the fear of rejection, is it [...]

Self-help isn’t selfish

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This world is a strange, scary and complex place as well as being the most beautiful, amazing and inspiring one. How you view it will impact how much you enjoy it and how much you can are able to achieve. How we approach our situations allows us to either be prepared for the pressures it throws at us or be renewed by the new experiences. We can learn from [...]

The Art of saying No

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One word that seems so hard to say – no. The art of saying no is a skill that you need as part of your own self-development. It is central to understanding and being able to articulate your own self-worth. Why do we feel guilty when we say no? How can we learn to feel more comfortable about saying no? Saying no is not negative, by understanding the power [...]

‘Visualising your Wings’ – Jacqueline. A. Hinds

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“It doesn’t matter if you start on the rocks or the rooftops. Spread your wings and let them take you to new heights.” ~ Sue Krebs ~ Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve really wanted to do something… be it apply for a job, or venture into something new and exciting like… changing your appearance or style…   You really wanted to do it but, were too frightened to do it [...]

‘The Calm in the Midst of a Storm’ – Jacqueline. A. Hinds

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Even in the midst of life’s many storms, we have the capacity To Stand in the Centre of Our Own Peace ~ Anon ~ Have you had days, weeks or months where things seem to be happening one after the other?  As soon as you’ve sorted one issue out, another one comes along like the famous London buses… you wait for one, and then three come along at the [...]

‘Mindfulness in a Mediocre World’ – Jacqueline. A. Hinds

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In a world full of consistent trials and tribulations, ups and down and directives for doing, doing, doing… it’s important to take time out for yourself, breathe and just be… ~ Jacqueline A. Hinds ~ I had a conversation recently with a friend of mine who, like myself, runs her own business. As we conversed, we touched on so many subject matters and, after a while, came to the [...]

‘Inspiration or Dehydration?’ – Jacqueline. A. Hinds

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When I saw the lovely inspirational quote below about people draining or inspiriting you and to choose them wisely, it lead me thinking about my whole career thus far, the people I have met along the way and, the cornucopia of knowledge, skills, guidance and disillusionments that I have come across in what I call my ‘Journey to Empowerment’. The truth of the matter is my journey has been [...]

‘How to thrive and not just survive’ – Zoe Thompson

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This month we have celebrated International Women’s Day.  A time of reflection as well as celebration, much like the Springboard programme. Women are incredibly strong, powerful and a lot more resilient than they give themselves credit for! We are women, wives, partners, mothers, daughters, bosses, leaders, influencers, negotiators, and multi-task masters, and so much more! As we live, we learn and grow; we develop and evolve into who we [...]

‘What advice do we give to children that we need to give ourselves as adults’ – Zoe Thompson

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What advice do we give to children that we need to give ourselves as adults? 1.  Distraction “ooh look, look what’s over here” Adults distract children from tears and pain.  How we can we distract ourselves in a positive way?  What can we control in any situation and where are we placing our focus. 2.  Playtime “Go and let off some of that energy and have some fun” What [...]

‘Mind the gapssssss ramblings’ – Chris Gunning

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English Oxford Living Dictionary Definition: Gap: A difference, especially an undesirable one, between two views or situations I hope that I’m a reasonable, fair-minded sort of man – I try to be. I think that it is quite outrageous that people undertaking the same job of work are not paid equally – regardless of their gender. I’m no legal expert, but I believe that I am correct in stating that [...]

‘Men, Women, Language & Mental Health’ – Jon Toulson

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Let’s be honest, the stereotypes that men don’t show their feelings, or talk about them either, must have stemmed from some kind of truth and experience in society at some point, otherwise how does anything become a stereotype in the first place?   However, when it comes to attitudes towards mental health, and our ability to talk specifically about this serious area of health and wellbeing, perhaps we are still [...]

‘Weinstein, The Presidents Club, Oxfam & Other Amazing Male Role Models’ – Jon Toulson

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In 1992 ITV brought “Men Behaving Badly” to our living rooms.  It was a tongue in cheek, light hearted parody of male stereotypes that jumped on the band wagon of society laughing at the somewhat clumsy, unskilled, care-free behaviour of young men in 1990’s England – and which coincided with BBC2’s tongue in cheek light hearted parody of female stereotypes programme “Absolutely Fabulous”, which oddly enough depicted the somewhat [...]

BOOST Case Study – Anna Webster

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I have always believed you can strive to understand more about yourself; the way your mind works, your strengths and weaknesses and how you communicate with others. I now believe it’s not something you have to do completely on your own. The Boost course highlighted this for me throughout the days. Historically I have been someone who likes to work alone and although I have always had the ability [...]

‘One of them………?’ – Chris Gunning

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The first time I realised that I was one and they were referring to blokes, guys, chaps, fellows, gents, geezers (dudes might be rather a stretch) – indeed men like me, was sometime early last year, 2017. Being perfectly honest, I can’t tell a lie, (well I can but I’m not going to), I confess that I didn’t like the idea of being one then, but didn’t dwell on [...]

‘Women’s Financial Security & Homelessness’ – Chris Knight

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Education is the Key to Women’s Empowerment Investing in the education of women and girls is not only good for the economy it is also a basic human right and one that needs to be clearly evident in how governments prepare their budgets from a gender mainstreaming perspective. When we contemplate what the real value of a woman’s worth is to the economy this will largely depend on what [...]

‘Lets create a shared future’ – Chris Knight

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This week’s blog has been designed for inclusion in your organisations leadership and training programs to stimulate discussion on the challenges and opportunities for now and in the future for accelerating gender equality. So what exactly is gender equality? Watch this short video and envisage what your country and organisation could look like if more women and girls were empowered to participate as equal partners in decisions that impact [...]

‘Keeping up appearances’ – Chris Knight

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As a passionate social justice advocate and feminist, can you indulge me for a few minutes, as I take you on a whimsical journey back in time to the 1970’s in Australia and the recruitment strategies of large companies when seeking suitable ‘Executive Men’. Because as we all know there could not possibly have been any ‘suitable women that would be eligible to fill such a position’. Back then [...]

A New Day is on the Horizon – Chris Knight

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As we welcome a New Day and a New Year (2018), I hope that your dreams and goals go way beyond simply making a New Year’s resolution. If we take on board these words “A New Day is on the Horizon” that were expressed so eloquently by Oprah Winfrey in her acceptance speech on being the First Black Woman to receive the Cecil B. De Mille Golden Globe Award [...]

‘So, whose achievement was that?’ – Rebecca Winn

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Right at the beginning of Springboard Workshop One a question we ask participants is this: “What is your greatest achievement?” We get some astonishing responses, and hearing a whole room-full of achievements spoken out loud really makes your heart sing. One of the answers that crops up the most, though, is this: “My children.” (Please don’t stop reading if you’re not a parent – I promise there’s a bigger [...]

‘Leaving before you leave’ – Rebecca Winn

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Have you read Sheryl Sandberg’s bestseller ‘Lean In’ yet? It should (imho) be required reading for everyone, male and female, before they leave school to become the next generation of employees and employers. Certainly it’s a staple of my Springboard resource table. Sandberg is Chief Operating Officer of Facebook and founder of the Lean In Foundation. The book is part of a wider conversation around the lack of women [...]

Chris Cross

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Hello I’m Chris Cross …… and I am a personal development trainer, facilitator and 1-1 coach – and I’m passionate about giving people time and support to learn more about themselves – and decide what they want from life. My training style is professional and inspiring – backed up with expertise gained in a designing and delivering a wide range of training & development. I have worked in UK [...]

Alison Trinder

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My vision is for every woman who wants it to have the opportunity to take part in and benefit from Springboard. I love running Springboard programmes. There is a particular kind of energy that is created when a group of women work together like this – it’s uplifting, inspiring and motivating, and I continually see the real changes women can make as a result of taking part. I have [...]

Chris Gunning

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As Oak Associates, Chris Gunning has worked in the HR field for over twenty five years as a trainer, coach, (including LEAD Wales), facilitator, mentor, consultant, writer and line manager, becoming IPD qualified, and continuing professional development via an MEd, in Education Training and Development at Sheffield University and Level 7 Executive Coaching and Mentoring at Bangor University. Clients ranging from multi-nationals, utilities through to newly formed companies, SMEs/micro and [...]

Andrea Berkoff

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Are you looking for a Springboard trainer in London or the South-east? Do you just want to know a little bit more about the programme and me as a possible trainer? I am very happy to speak with you over the phone or meet up for a quick chat to discuss how I can bring Springboard to your organization, with no obligation. I have been facilitating the Springboard programme [...]

Gill Donnell

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At Successful Women, we specialise solely in women’s development. We work with companies to run dedicated Springboard Programmes for their staff and also deliver a number of “Open Programmes” for individual women as well as those businesses who do not have sufficient female staff to run a dedicated programme of their own. Gill Donnell, our Managing Director and licensed Springboard trainer, received an MBE for her work in supporting [...]

Gillian Neish

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Gillian Neish works throughout the UK with individuals and organisations in all sectors to help them recognise and fulfil their potential. The focus of her work is power, whether challenging the power inequalities of racism, sexism and the other ‘isms’ or developing personal power through personal development programmes. She has worked with the Springboard Consultancy since 1991 when she became one of the first trainers to be licensed to [...]

Adetokunbo Adetayo

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At various management levels in blue chip companies, Engr. Adetokunbo Adetayo provided support in achieving business objectives through People Development and Facilities Management. He is involved in Change Management, Leadership Training, Team Building, Project Management, Health, Safety & Environment, Customer Service, Emotional Intelligence, Executive Coaching and Delivery of Personal Development Programs. A University of Lagos Graduate of Engineering, Adetokunbo went on to obtain MBA in Technology Management with Specialization [...]

Zibah Nwako

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ello! I am Zibah. It was both Michangelo and Leonardo da Vinci spoke these great words ‘Ancora imparo’, meaning – Still, I am learning. That, to me, is the spirit of what we do at AFFIRM – by providing training, consultancy and life coaching in Personal Development, Leadership and Life Skills, Entrepreneurship, and Soft Skills Management – to organisations, groups and individuals. My career has spanned the education, administration, [...]

Dr Sue Hewitt

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Sue Hewitt is a specialist in personal development for people at all levels, ages and stages of their lives and careers; women’s development for women at all levels as well as those studying for first or further degrees and working with scientists and managers to develop leadership skills. Sue demonstrates flair & expertise in researching, designing, delivering & evaluating learning experiences that achieve success. She responds to changing business [...]

Véronique Legoubé

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Undergraduate commercial business Training programme in Neuro Linguistic Programming 1996 Coach and Team Certification – Vincent Lenhardt – 1997 Certified Arc en Ciel RH (approach based on C. Jung and DISC) Collaborative approaches- Open Space – World CAFE Supervisor: Daniel CHERNET Key experience Véronique Legoubé has created her own company in 1992. Prior to that, Véronique held senior positions for five years as director of training for RMO. Team coaching and team building Kick [...]

Julia Zorab

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Julia’s varied career includes experience in the Health sector, in senior management positions in the IT industry and running her own company providing expertise in managing transition and change, and delivering personal and professional development programmes. Her knowledge and experience in ground breaking roles and in the introduction of new working practices and efficiency programmes is used to provide a practical and innovative approach when working with clients. Julia [...]

Yvonne Coolbear

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Yvonne is a highly skilled, motivated and inspiring trainer with plenty of experience of working successfully with individuals, groups and teams, and has worked in the public sector, the private sector and with voluntary organisations. Yvonne has designed and delivered training courses for individuals and organisations for over 25 years and is particularly interested in topics that include human interaction and understanding personal impact. She is extremely experienced in [...]

Jan Shine

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I am an experienced coach, trainer, manager and HR specialist with a background in higher education and the NHS. Currently I run my own business, Paullus People Development, and work throughout the UK with individuals, teams and organisations. I am trained in cognitive behavioural coaching and have an accredited professional Certificate in Coaching. I am an MBTI practitioner and hold a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management. As well as coaching, [...]

Rebecca Winn

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Welcome! I’m so pleased you’ve come to look me up. My name is Rebecca Winn, and with over 20 years experience in people development I now work as a trainer and coach right across the UK from my base here in beautiful Suffolk. My belief is that great outcomes in life – professional, personal, academic – start with where your head is at and what you believe you can [...]

Vanessa Boon

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Passionate about helping people to unlock their full potential, Vanessa launched her business, Energise, in 2007. Drawing on a wealth of experience in people development and diversity, Vanessa helps organisations and individuals to break down the barriers that hold people back. She brings all this to life with an enthusiastic, approachable style, specialist knowledge, real life examples, humour and fun!  Women’s Development I thoroughly enjoy running courses for women, [...]

Patricia Cresswell MCIPD

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Patricia has been described as an inspirational personal development facilitator and coach having been in the world of learning and development for 28 years and running her own very successful business for 20 years. She works with men and women from a range of backgrounds in central and local government, private, education, financial and IT sectors and a number of police forces. Her expertise encompasses management development, all aspects of [...]

Becky Sharifi

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My personal experience of Springboard dates back to when I was training in an Engineering Company in Stockport. The gap between men and women was clear and identified. My mother raised me to demand equality and accept nothing less, so when asked to run the programme I jumped at the opportunity. Was I ready? No. Was I scared? Most definitely yes! But is anything less worth it? At the [...]

Joy Arkley

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A CIPD qualified HR practitioner with a growing passion and interest in Equality and Diversity, I am thrilled to be licensed to deliver the Springboard Development programme. I have worked previously for a number of years for both the Police Service and within the Higher Education Sector. I feel privileged to be involved in the individual and collective journeys of women as they embark on their Springboard journey and [...]

Jackie Houston

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More companies realise today that its smart to invest in staff training, but faced with so many choices of training providers how can you be sure of receiving the best return on your training investment?  With more than 20 years experience with both individuals and businesses in role of coach, mentor and trainer, my overall mission both at work and on a personal level, remains to ‘help others’.  My [...]

Valerie Fawcett

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am an experienced Springboard trainer (20 years’ of running programmes) who has provided Springboard in all kinds of organisations. I still love Springboard and recently had the experience of running programmes at Oxford Brookes University where the role-model speakers on the programmes are now nearly all ex-participants who have gone on to achieve their personal and career goals and come back to inspire their colleagues. In my experience, there [...]

Pam Morgan

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I am an experienced trainer, coach and people manager and have been helping people to develop since the late 1980’s.  My personal journey led, it seems almost naturally, to me to becoming a Springboard trainer.  I have lived and learned, struggled and aspired to achieve things that I could never have even dreamed about when I decided I’d better get some typing qualifications at the age of 35! I [...]

Jacqueline A. Hinds

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I have been a licensed Springboard trainer since June 2008 but, my interaction with the Springboard Consultancy spans as far back as 1996 when I attended the programme whilst working for Nat West Bank. At the time I had no idea I was part of a case study (found this out when I got licensed!) The Springboard so impressed me that I yearned to become a licensed trainer and [...]

Gemma Barlow

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Hi, I’m Gemma Barlow, At GO! Train and Develop we deliver a wide range of development courses which include Confidence and Assertiveness, Time Management and Body Language as well as being fully qualified to train First Aid. I met my business partner and now best friend whilst both working as ‘in house’ trainers for a large public sector company. As she had already had lots of involvement with Springboard [...]

Martina Proctor

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A Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I teach law. I am also engaged in connecting – researching & facilitating – student learning with their development. Thus I help students develop skills for transitioning into and making the best of their learning experience at higher education through Sprint a ground-breaking personal development programme specially designed for women students.

Maxine Redhall

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With a strong reputation as a personal development facilitator, Maxine has been involved in learning and development for over 20 years.  Her background is varied having a strong grounding in public sector developed from her time working with South Yorkshire Police, she now supports people from a wide range of organisations.  These range from FTSE 100 companies through manufacturing, financial sector to  small and growing businesses.  Maxine has spent [...]

Georgina Pullen

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Georgina is committed to the personal development of others, particularly women.  Her passion lies in empowering individuals to be the best they can be and tapping into their potential. She is an experienced trainer with an enthusiastic approach to her development work. With an impressive 25 year track record of delivering top quality training across a variety of government and private sector organisations, both in the UK and Worldwide. [...]

Corinne Giely

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My name is Corinne Giely, I am vegetarian and I’ve practised meditation and yoga for 17 years. My career is as an international executive. Participation in the Springboard women’s development training opened my eyes about the need women have to develop assertivity and networking in order to maintain a good work life balance. Our presence at the top in corporations and society to lead projects and teams is essential [...]

6 Tips on how to get promoted

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Everyone wants to get on their career but as you climb the ladder not everyone can reach the top spot. Here are six invaluable tips on how you can make yourself that person no one can do without and be in line for every promotion that comes your way. Carry yourself with confidence If you believe you can do something then the people around you will feel that confidence. [...]

‘May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears’ by Nelson Mandela – Chris Cross

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As the festivities begin and the cheery Christmas songs play out loud in the stores and cafes, all around is confusion and worry as people try desperately to make tricky choices. What to buy, who to buy for, what to cook/eat/drink, who to invite, which invitations to accept or turn down? It can feel like endless decisions when the pressure around us says ‘consume, spend, buy’. Added to the [...]

“The greatest need of a human being is to be understood, validated and appreciated” by Steven Covey – Chris Cross

By |November 24th, 2017|Categories: Blog, News|

How well do you give and receive compliments? This is a question that I’ve asked several Springboard and Sprint groups over the last months. Some people nod wisely and say they’ve been working on this aspect of assertiveness. But still for the majority there is a great challenge in being able to say a simple ‘thank you’ when presented a compliment. Reasons for being reluctant to accept praise can [...]

Take a different approach to goal setting – Chris Cross

By |November 17th, 2017|Categories: Blog, News|

There’s a comedy chat show on the radio that encourages celebrities to try out things they’ve never done before – things that many other people have done. The programme has made me smile, especially when Sandi Toksvig tried out wearing high heels for the first time and it made me consider if this could be an approach for some gentle goal setting. Personally, there are many things that I [...]

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans – Chris Cross

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Looking through the window, the sun is shining, the sky is blue. This may be the last warm sunny day of autumn in the UK. But I’m into my fourth day of a nasty cold/flu attack (who ever knows the difference between a cold and the flu – especially when you’re in the middle of it). Reaching for the tissues and paracetamol, I could easily be stressed that I’m [...]

30 Black History Months – Elaine Tomlinson

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October is Black History Month and wanting to find out more, I did what any self-respecting individual would do….I asked Siri! After wading through all that internet noise, she (Siri) found that Black History Month in Britain is 30 years old this year and is 90 years old in the USA. Even though America has 60 years on us, 30 is a special and significant birthday none the less… right?! [...]


By |October 12th, 2017|Categories: Blog, Boost, News|

The Springboard Consultancy is broadening its training portfolio with the launch of a brand new personal and work development programme called ‘Boost’, which helps people to develop essential skills needed in the early stages of their careers. The Boost programme prepares participants to develop their careers quickly and effectively by instilling a positive sense of direction, boosting self-confidence, and teaching individuals how to become more career ‘savvy’ as they [...]

Help, I’ve run aground! – Rebecca Winn, Winnthinking Development

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I’ve just returned from a most enjoyable holiday with friends, floating serenely along the Shropshire Union canal on a narrowboat. It’s the gentlest of pastimes, intercut with frantic moments of activity. And tea. Lots of tea. When we arrived to pick up Sir Valadon on a sunny Saturday afternoon we were welcomed by our smiling host, who ran through all the technical stuff we needed to know. He did [...]

Homage to Mrs Columbo – Elaine Tomlinson

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Now I’m not a fan of reruns, but I recently watched an episode of Columbo and there is something about this series, even though I’ve watched it countless of times; that whenever it’s on, on a lazy Sunday afternoon I just can’t resist watching it! Anyway, there was a scene, which went something like this… Columbo: Sergeant, come in here Sergeant – enters the room: Yes Lieutenant [Columbo] Columbo: [...]

Getting Stuff Done – Elaine Tomlinson

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I got to the shopping centre early one Sunday (an hour early to be exact – misread the opening time). I thought I’d take advantage of my forward planning and decided to grab a coffee before starting my mission! I noticed that there was a queue outside the Apple store. I kept checking my watch, as I knew there was still some time to go before the centre opened [...]

A Beacon of Change – Royal Mail Invest in Springboard

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. Sue Whalley, Royal Mail’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) talks about changing the internal culture of Royal Mail. The privately-owned organisation, employer of more than 130,000 people, is now known for its inclusivity and equitable treatment of all their employees. In this frank and thought provoking interview with Costco, Sue cites investment in our Springboard programme as part of the development of their women employees moving from frontline Royal Mail [...]

I wanna tell you a story – David McLaughlin

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As the late Max Bygraves used to say, “I wanna tell you a story”.  When I was younger there were two things that would publicly embarrass me but privately amaze me.  The first was Max Bygraves – the East End singer, actor and comic, the second was old people telling stories about the war.  These amazed me as I could never understand at the time why Max was so [...]

Springboard proves a long-term faithful friend

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Next year it will be 20 years since I was first introduced to Springboard and since then a lot has changed in my world. We all go through life’s varied experiences; I’m no different. All the usual things like job changes, bereavement, divorce, more job changes. But the one thing that’s remained by my side and in my head like a faithful friend has been Springboard. As my life [...]

Making Royal Mail an employer of choice

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Springboard contributes to Royal Mail’s continuing success The Organisation Royal Mail is the UK’s most trusted letters and parcels delivery company, supporting customers, businesses and communities around the country. It is the designated Universal Postal Service Provider and the only company delivering a ‘one-price-goes-anywhere’, six days a week service to more than 29m addresses across the UK. Its vision is to be recognised as the best delivery company in [...]

Women’s Development Programmes at Rolls-Royce

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The Organisation A power systems provider, designing, manufacturing and supporting a range of products and services for air, sea and land applications, Rolls-Royce is a global company providing highly-efficient integrated power and propulsion solutions. Its power systems are predominantly used in aerospace, marine, energy and off-highway applications. Rolls-Royce is one of the world’s most famous brands. Its reputation for engineering excellence, developed over more than 110 years, is now [...]

Helping the NHS with professional & personal development

By |August 4th, 2017|Categories: Blog, Case Studies, News|

Across the UK the NHS utilises the Springboard Women’s Development Training Course during times of restructuring and change, as well as at times of relative calm. Rainy Faisey, Deputy Director of HR with Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust and Jacqui Hinds, Leadership Development Consultant at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust recently spoke about their experiences of working with the Springboard Consultancy and running this programme. What were the challenges? Jacqui [...]

Addressing equality issues with The Police Service

By |July 17th, 2017|Categories: Blog, Case Studies, News|

Springboard Consultancy and the Police Service – A Winning CollaborationThe Springboard Consultancy are tremendously proud of our long and successful relationship with police services nationwide. We recently spoke to Yvonne Coolbear from Suffolk Constabulary, Amanda Rickwood from Cambridge Constabulary, Steve Rossiter from the Dorset Constabulary and Moana Walker from West Midlands Constabulary to find out more about their experiences of running our courses. Between them they run all of our [...]

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