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Office for National Statistics

Population 32,790,000 men ; 33,645.000 women

Male employment 80.2% Female 72.1%

More than ¾ of women with dependant children are now in work (a record high) The proportion of fathers in the workplace has declined slightly, to 92.6%

Gender pay gap – full time 8.9%. All employees 17.3% Under 40 full time almost zero


45% of 18-34 males avoided talking about problems because they don’t want to appear less of a man

58% think society expects them to be emotionally  strong and not show weakness

55% think that society says they need to be physically strong

58% believe society expects them to ‘fix things’

Being overtly masculine helped them to get a partner 52%


Statistics – Specific Areas

Sexual Violence

Male rape and sexual abuse 12,000 men 70,000 sexually assaulted (2019 Survivors UK)


1 in 4 women and one in 6-7 men will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime

13.2% of men (16 to 59 have experienced some form of domestic abuse since the age of 16) (28.9% of women)

In 2017-2018 4.2% of men experienced domestic abuse (695,000)  women 7.9%

The difference in prevalence between men and women rates is the lowest since 2005

Half of men don’t tell anyone, three times  more likely than women not to tell anyone, and significantly less likely to perceive domestic abuse as it is. (Respect UK)


Mens Health

One in five men die before the age of 65;  two in five before 75

Currently men die 3.7 years before women

Men are much less likely to go to the doctor, not taking time off work, though do go when they are retired. Generally attendance is 37% men 53% women

Men are twice as likely to get Diabetes, and more likely to be overweight and obese

Men are 67% more likely to die from common cancers which affect both genders, and are 37% more likely to die from cancer overall

Men make up 90% of deaths amongst people who are homeless

86% of rough sleepers are male

Female GP’s are joining the profession at twice the rate of males

(Mens Health Forum) (ONS)

Mens Mental Health

Men are three times more likely to die of suicide. Greatest risk is aged 45 – 49

Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under 45 (18 per day)

Criminal Justice

Prison population 83766, men 79,907, women 3,859 (ONS)

Men are more likely to be the victims of crime than women


2.7 million children in lone parent households – 1.8 million single parents 25% of all families with dependant children. 10% are fathers.

1.1 million children have no contact with a father

There are 19.1 million families,  8 million people living alone; the fastest growth is in cohabiting couples and same sex couples. One in four young adults 20-34 live with their parents.

Women do 60% more housework than men though the gap is narrowing (slowly)

(Fatherhood Institute)(ONS)(Gingerbread)


The share of female teachers is increasing – 68% overall, 97% in pre-primary, 43% in Tertiary

Males are 3x more likely to be excluded from school

Female school leavers are 35% more likely to apply for university than male peers, and this results in a participation level difference of 12.5%

15% of primary teachers are male; 38% in secondary

783,000 people were not in Education, Employment or Training (2018) This is 11.2% of all people in this age group. There were slightly more males than females, with a large fall in females as they are looking after their family or home. The number of males has been steadily rising due to increased numbers of long term sick or disabled. 40% are care leavers.



Men and Boys Coalition A network of organisations, academics, journalists, professionals and leaders committed to taking action on the gender-specific issues that effect men and boys.

Book of Man Daily Newsletter

Movember.  International Campaign around mens health

International Mens Day UK 19th November

Office for National Statistics

Equality and Human Rights Commission.  Website, information and advice line

Gender Statistics Worldwide

UK Organisations

The following are mostly UK wide organisations. There are many more local and Regional organisations, as well as specific, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland men and boys organisations.

A Band of Brothers. Working with young men involved in the  criminal justice system. Providing support to make the transition to adulthood free of crime

Blue Ribbon Foundation. Promoting better health and well being for men

The Blast Project. Leading male only sexual exploitation service working with boys and young men who have experienced child sexual exploitation (CSE)

Baggy Trousers. Survivor led project to make a positive impact on boys and men who have been affected by Testicular Cancer

Being Mankind. To inspire boys to grow to be kind and confident adults without feeling the need to conform to traditional gender stereotypes

Calm. Campaign against living miserably . Leading a movement against suicide.

Dad Information. A community Forum for Dads

Equalities and Human Rights Commission. Promotes and protects Human Rights

Everyday Sexism Project.  Exists to catalogue instances of sexism on a day to day basis

Families Need Fathers. Supporting dads, mums, grandparents to have personal contact and meaningful relationships with their children following parental separation.

The Fatherhood Institute. The UK Fatherhood think and do tank

Future Men. (formerly Working with Men) supporting male involvement, engagement and activity, addressing stereotypes around masculinity and engaging in the wider conversation of what it means to be a man

Gingerbread. Support for lone parent families

The Gentlemans Network. supporting black males through the transition from boy to man to gentleman

He for She. A global solidarity movement for gender equality.

Inside Man. Online magazine – pioneering conversations about men, manhood and masculinity.

International Mens Day 19th November  UK lead is

Journeyman UK  Supporting boys to become the men they want to be.

Man and Boy. Positive Role model opportunities designed to build trust and confidence between men and boys to create strong and positive relationships.

Mens Health Forum. To improve the health if men and boys.

Men do Complain. Campaigning around male circumcision

Mankind Initiative.  For male victims of Domestic Abuse

The Mankind Project UK and Ireland. Supporting all men to establish and pursue their own life purpose and nurture their own emotional wellbeing.

Movember Changing the face of mens health.

Music. Football. Fatherhood. Online community of fathers and those looking to be fathers in the future

Mens Sheds UK. Developing and supporting community spaces for men to connect, converse and create.

Mengage. Working with males on their health and the issues that affect their health.

Mens Health Forum. To improve the Health of Men and boys.

Mens Minds Matter. The prevention of suicide through strengthening the psychological resilience of men and boys.

Male Psychology Network. Promoting awareness, research and understanding of male psychology

Parity. Campaign for equal rights of men and women

Prostate Cancer UK. Funds research, drive improvements in treatment.

Respect. Men and women working together to develop services for with men and women. Perpetrators of Domestic Violence, Male Victims Young People.  Mens Advice Line Help and advice

Survivors UK. Working with Men who have experienced sexual abuse or assault.

White Ribbon Campaign. To end male violence against women.

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