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At Springboard Consultancy, we are passionate about transforming lives and careers through our innovative personal and professional development programmes. With a legacy spanning over 35 years, we have empowered hundreds of thousands of individuals across the globe to reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

Our unique, research-backed programmes are designed to cater to diverse needs, from men and women seeking to overcome unique challenges and boost their career prospects, to leaderhip programmes for all levels, to young professionals navigating the early stages of their careers, to individuals in later career stages exploring new opportunities.

We pride ourselves on delivering high-impact, effective training that drives real, lasting change for people and organisations. By joining our network, you gain access to a supportive community of trainers and professionals committed to excellence and growth. Contact us today to see how we can support you to develop people, transform lives, create a measurable impact on the workplace and embrace diversity and inclusion.

Our flagship offerings include the Springboard Women’s Development Programme, Navigator Men’s Development Programme, and our Authentic Leadership Programmes.

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What We Do

Working across 48 countries, we take like-minded individuals on a transformational journey, as well as positively helping organisations change and reshape.

For the employer

We support your organisation by driving cultural change, tackling issues of inequality, the gender pay gap and diversity and inclusion.

For the individual

Take the small steps to help redefine yourself. We equip you to take control and create the work-life balance you need.

For the trainer

We invite trainers to run courses that actually make a difference to both individuals and organisations.  Be part of the movement for global change.

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    Our Personal & Professional Development Courses


    Empowering the individual

    Springboard is for women wanting to achieve their true potential by learning about themselves, building their confidence, setting goals and being able to communicate effectively within a safe space. This course helps businesses to develop diverse talent that is within the organisation and promote inclusion, including helping address the gender pay gap and the ethnicity pay gap. It also creates opportunities for women to step up for promotion.


    Empowering the individual

    Navigator is for men who want to examine both their home and work life in order to identify practical and realistic steps to fulfil their potential. It gives the time and space to address challenges of modern living, stereotypes of masculinity, the challenges facing the 21st century man as well as mental health, well-being and stress management.



    Starting out

    Boost – is for all people new into the world of employment to instil a positive sense of direction, build confidence, effective inter-generational working, as well as self-reliance. This programme can be used as a complimentary developmental tool as part of an apprenticeship or running alongside a graduate recruitment programme.



    Starting out

    Sprint – is the ground-breaking professional development programme for undergraduate women with a special version available to address the issues for post-graduate students and researchers. For employers there is also an opportunity to sponsor a course supporting young women whilst giving you access to potential new talent.


    Spring Forward

    Moving Up

    For those embracing their first step into a leadership role & managing people. This programme enables participants to learn how to lead a team, work on management confidence & gain insight into how gender, culture and managerial issues influence communication at work. We can specifically address challenges faced by BAME, LGBTQ and all minorities in the workplace.

    Fresh Steps

    Returning to work or reassessing the future

    Returners & experienced workers can help refocus for the next phase of their working and personal life. It is a way for organisations to attract workers returning to work from maternity, paternity or long-term sick leave.  It can also be a tool for people who are re-evaluating their career direction or their life priorities. Employers can also use it as part of any redundancy package.

    Development Plus

    Senior leadership for women

    Development Plus is an innovative and specialised programme, for both personal and work development, tailored for female leaders including senior female managers and board members.

    Authentic Leader

    Change through leadership 

    Introduce an Authentic Leadership Style to Your Business. Skilled, empathetic, authentic leadership is essential for propelling your organisation through challenging times.

    Interactive Workshops

    Introductory Interactive Workshops

    Our short interactive workshops are a suite of shorter learning experiences designed to support the development of your staff within your organisation. Delivered remotely over the Zoom platform.

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