What our clients say:

“I am so glad I participated as it was different to any of my previous development skill sessions. Very interactive, practical and social. I feel it has really impacted my confidence and I can certainly attribute a lot of my job application success to Sprint!”
Haruka Kobayashi, University of Cambridge, Natural Sciences

“I’ve learned that I should never take a second position when I can take the first. Men are trained to step up and women to step down. I want to step up.”
Masters Student, Oxford University

“Sprint has been an eye opener that I am not alone when faced with certain issues and by supporting one another we can learn a lot. I’m inspired and confident knowing that with hard work and perseverance anything can be achieved. It also has made me think about investing in myself and the impact it will have on everyone around me which will allow me to feel happier and more content.”
Anne Mailapali, Undergraduate, Kingston University

‘The ‘Sprint‘ programme will be a brilliant tool for undergraduate life and beyond. It has helped to understand myself – my values, strength and weaknesses – and with a full understanding of them to target key areas of my personal development and to set small achievable action points within my life. It teaches this in a practical, sustainable way and is not a short term fix. It instils a long ‘approach’ to life and for me will be an invaluable tool as I leave university and move to the world beyond.’

I found it useful meeting great new people and realising that we have some common worries but also our own values and goals. I’m taking away a more optimistic outlook – ready to say yes to opportunities and also to accept that it’s ok if things sometimes go wrong.

Ambitious goals. Before I started ‘Sprint’, I knew a lot of things I would like to do now or in the future, but I often assumed that I just don’t have the right skills or qualities to achieve them.

A very worthwhile experience that has resulted in a mentor that recognises and helps me tackle my challenges!

I am much more confident which really comes across in interviews and I feel more positive about finding a job.

I have been more proactive in my career development. I have been more open to networking and making contact with people, and more self-confident.

I have found it really useful hearing the stories of women with successful careers. I have realised that there is not just one “right” way to get into certain careers but that it’s really important to understand what you really value and make changes if necessary. I have found the mentor scheme really helpful, and have found it useful to get an insight into the recruitment process.

I took part in the Sprint Programme to help me develop strategies to achieve my personal goals. I also wanted to learn from others on the programme and to tap into their experience of dealing with different situations. Sprint introduced me to a range of tools and techniques that can be applied in various circumstances and also taught me to look at ways of doing things which I might not have previously considered. One of the best aspects of the programme was the opportunity to meet so many other people and to be able to discuss, in small groups, challenging scenarios and how to deal with them. This has been really beneficial because I have since put in to practice techniques that help me to plan for success and build my resilience. From both an academic and career perspective, the programme has reinforced to me the value of the skills set I have. And, in conjunction with the networking opportunities provided, has given me a much wider insight into what I might consider after university. This has been particularly true with regards to all the support I have received from my mentor. My regular catch-ups with her and the ongoing guidance I receive has been invaluable. Sprint is a very well-structured programme with clear aims and objectives. The variety of topics covered and the opportunity to hear from successful female leaders from a range of industries, all willing to share their knowledge and personal experiences, provided a great platform for learning. I would strongly recommend Sprint and have benefited enormously from having a mentor to support my development.
Sprint Testimonial – Beth Hill

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