Sprint – women’s development for undergraduates, post-graduates and researchers.

Sprint is the ground-breaking professional development course for undergraduates with a special version available to address the issues for post-graduate students and researchers.

The course will help women focus on their studies, develop them to be more visible, develop time management skills whilst giving techniques to overcome stress, and establish a great routine for better well being. It also allows them to sharpen their career goals, raise their aspirations and make the best use of all opportunities that present themselves.

For employers it provides a great opportunity to sponsor courses at universities to support young women to reach their full potential. By providing speakers, panellists and mentors throughout the course, it also creates an opportunity to showcase your organisation and attract future young talent.

Results After Programme

Sprint participants say that meeting and working with different women was extremely useful 90%
Sprint participants say they are now better at setting realistic goals and action points 75%
Sprint participants say the programme improved their effectiveness in studying 70%
Sprint participants say they have better personal, career and study goals 65%

Who is it designed for ?
Sprint is for women undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers of all ages, from all backgrounds and stages in their professional lives and study. Regardless of subject, department or career aspirations, Sprint will help women achieve their goals.

For employers – Sprint adds value to the overall experience for undergraduates, post graduates and researchers improves employability and helps to ensure that each woman has the best possible chance to develop their full potential.

What does the programme consist of?

Designed to be flexible to accommodate academic terms, study pressures and research schedules. It consists of the following:

• a comprehensive folder, including all the material for the programme and additional online learning tools
• four action packed one-day workshops
• the provision of real, relevant and inspiring role models
• the encouragement of effective networks within the group
• opportunities to engage with corporate sponsors

What results can I expect?

Study: Many women focus on their studies at university, achieving results such as improved visibility, concentration and effectiveness in tutorials, better time management for revision and essay writing, less study stress, and improved confidence and self-esteem.

 Many women use the Sprint Development Programme to sharpen their career goals, raise their aspirations, explore possibilities and to take advantage of the work shadowing and coaching opportunities that are often offered by corporate sponsors.

 Other women look to achieve results in their personal lives, for example working through difficult relationships, improving fitness and gaining a better (and healthier) study/life balance.

In practice, most participants achieve a mixture of all three categories of results through their experience of Sprint.

In-house Option

We can also run this course for you, at your organisation, at a time and date that suits you.

Inspirational Video

Women who are undergraduates, post-graduate students and researchers. Employers who want to sponsor a course!

Sprint delivers:

  • actively engages women undergraduates in their university studies and careers
  • improves their employability
  • increases self-esteem and boosts self-confidence
  • adds value
  • boosts personal effectiveness

What our clients say…

“I am so glad I participated as it was different to any of my previous development skill sessions. Very interactive, practical and social. I feel it has really impacted my confidence and I can certainly attribute a lot of my job application success to Sprint!”

Haruka Kobayashi, University of Cambridge, Natural Sciences

“I’ve learned that I should never take a second position when I can take the first. Men are trained to step up and women to step down. I want to step up.”

Masters Student, Oxford University

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