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Chaos and the calm


James Bay ‘s Album ‘Chaos and the Calm’ was playing today and it made me reflect on how so many of us are feeling at the moment in our ‘new uncertain world’. With social distancing and having to stay at home, no face to face contact other than with those you are living with, with the global nature of Covid-19 affecting everyone irrespective of where you live, there is a real sense of chaos in the world order and this creates feelings of a lack of control and conflicting emotions. However, we have also seen a strange kind of the [...]

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Social distancing and greater inclusivity


For years now many of us have been talking about how increased flexibility in the working environment increases diversity in the workforce. We have been trying to encourage employers to embrace this change for some of its roles. However as coronavirus has resulted in widespread homeworking, we are all being challenged by needing to change some working norms, challenge the status quo and maybe even be presented with data that supports more flexible working which would bring about other distinct benefits which will help thousands of people enter or remain in the workforce. We have seen that working from home [...]

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