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Are you a professional trainer seeking to expand your offerings and make a significant impact on personal and professional development? Or are you working for an organisation that is looking to empower its people by licensing your own facilitators to deliver our popular programmes?

Look no further! Springboard Consultancy offers an exceptional trainer licensing opportunity that allows you to deliver our acclaimed personal and professional development programmes. Become licensed to deliver a ready-made, proven programme that has been carefully crafted for over 35 years, delivered to more than 250,000 participants across more than 48 countries around the world.

At Springboard Consultancy, we are dedicated to empowering individuals and organisations through our innovative development programmes. With over three decades of experience, our courses have transformed the lives of thousands, enhancing skills, confidence, and career prospects. By becoming a licensed trainer, you join a prestigious network of professionals committed to excellence and growth.

Benefits of Becoming a Licensed Trainer

Proven Programmes: Our development programmes are research-backed and field-tested, ensuring you deliver high-impact training that resonates with the diverse needs of participants.

Comprehensive Training: We provide thorough training to ensure you are well-equipped to deliver our programmes effectively and confidently. This includes a thorough trainer manual and course materials

Supportive Network: Join a community of like-minded professionals who share best practices, insights, and support.

Flexible Opportunities: Tailor your training delivery to various audiences, from individuals seeking personal growth to corporate teams aiming for professional excellence.

Market Credibility: Enhance your professional credibility by associating with our reputable and global brand known for quality and effectiveness.

Programme Onboarding

Step 1: Application

Application forms are sent to prospective trainers that ask questions to understand experience and understanding of the programme. Applications will also ask for an up to date CV.

Step 2: Interviews

Informal interviews are held to ensure suitability and clarify anything in the application form. This is also a great opportunity to get to know one another prior to starting the course.

Step 3: Programme

Prospective trainers will attend the programme workshops (see programme format), and will receive an extensive trainer manual. This will cover everything the trainer needs to know about, and how to deliver, their chosen development programme(s).

Step 4: Accreditation

Following successful completion of the trainer licensing course, participants will receive feedback and will be provided with the licensing agreement. This enables the newly licensed trainer to deliver their chosen programme(s) for a 3 year period.

Step 5: Delivery

Now it’s time to deliver. The newly licensed trainer is free to deliver the programme and is now part of a global trainer network. They will receive ongoing support and feedback from Springboard and at the end of the initial 3 year period, there is an option to renew for a further 3 years.

We are continually improving our Trainer Licensing open programme format, and our most recent update has incorporated both online and face to face elements, and is delivered over a shorter period. For our international licensed trainers we do offer a fully remote version too.

You can see an example breakdown and dates of our upcoming open programme in October 2024 here.

We can deliver direct to organisations who have more than 4 prospective trainers, so please get in touch with us to discuss this.

Trainer licensing is for any prospective trainer who wants to make a difference to people’s lives, adding our proven programmes to their arsenal.

You might be a freelance trainer who is looking to benefit from greater opportunities and earning potential that comes with delivering our well known and respected programmes.

You might be an in-house trainer or organisation looking to develop in-house capability to deliver these programmes to people who work in your business, for the benefit of those individuals and the significant impact and return on investment that comes with it.

If you’re passionate about development, equality, diversity and inclusion with experience supporting, coaching, mentoring, or training people then why not conisder adding Springboard to your portfolio.

“For me it’s just that little light bulb moment, that little spark, that genuine question that tells me they’re listening, they’ve made a breakthrough. It is then being able to coach them to move them forward. That is what makes Springboard all worthwhile. Of course, it’s nice to get paid for this doing something you love but it is those moments that really add the value for me.

I think sometimes in all honesty the organisations I’ve worked with don’t realise the true impact of the Springboard programme when they initially set it up and are positively surprised once it completes and they see the difference it makes. The programme is so empowering and rewarding for me as a trainer.”

Max Redhall – Freelance Springboard Trainer

“It’s been a great experience; I’ve learnt a lot and I’m really looking forward to getting out there and training it. They held a safe space for everyone on the course and gave insightful info on Digital skills needed and things you need to think about. For anyone thinking about it just get stuck in, pick up everyone’s hints and tips.

“I love the ethos of Springboard, we’ve got so much talent and want to make sure we use it, but also make sure that each individual feels valued too. Springboard does that!”

Ceri Davies, one of 10 Springboard licensed trainers within Virgin Atlantic

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Take the next step in your professional journey by becoming a licensed trainer with Springboard Consultancy. Empower individuals, inspire change, and drive success with our comprehensive development programmes. Apply today and be part of a transformative experience that makes a real and measurable difference.

Trainer Licensing Start Dates

  • October 2024
  • May 2025

For more information or to book a place please contact us here.

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