Some of the fantastic feedback from our trainers:

‘I would like to say a massive thank you to all involved with the Spring Forward Trainer Licensing Course. This was a fantastic opportunity for myself. I took away some great learning which hopefully I can put into practice over years to come. Fantastic life changing experience which will help me support and assist other managers, achieve career ambitions’.
Israr Ahmed, Operations Manager, Royal Mail

‘This course has set me up to run a Sprint programme – it has given me confidence, training skills and knowledge and experience of the workshop materials. The trainers were absolutely excellent – confident, knowledgeable, approachable and brilliant role models. I have also developed both personally and professionally – I am so excited to run my first sprint programme.’
Helen Smith, Outreach Adviser, Plymouth University

‘This is one of the most rewarding courses I’ve attended. The trainers know the course inside out and are highly skilled in their delivery and in giving feedback.”
Anne Wilson, Head of Careers, University of Warwick

‘This training course, like the others offered by the Springboard Consultancy is very comprehensive and detail; and I’m confident that the results will impact on many, many lives.  Georgina has a great balance of professionalism and humour, and is a very effective trainer.  Everything about the course worked – the venue – the meals, cohesion and atmosphere, so thank you Springboard Consultancy.”
 Zibah Nwako, Trainer Facilitator/Managing Director, Affirm Consulting, Training and Coaching Ltd.

“Excellent all round preparation for delivering the Sprint programme, hosted in an inspiring environment and supported my development as an individual.”
Frances Gow, Employability Manager, University of Westminster

“I feel fully prepared to undertake everything from business planning, strategy development, mark, marketing to deliver with clear RDI evaluation from my one week workshop.  High quality and high levels of support = an amazing delivery.  I can’t wait to get started.”
Renee Bullock, Head of Organisational Development, NHS England

‘I am so pleased and thrilled to have accomplished and achieved going through the course!  The support, enthusiasm and knowledge I have received both professionally and personally will be so valuable for the rest of my life!”
Sam Jenkins, Innovation Coaching & Consultancy Ltd

“The Springboard Consultancy provides superb trainer training for well researched and developed products that have a real relevance – and they work!”
Geoff Roberts

“Being a licensed trainer means I have a product in my portfolio which I am passionate about and proud of. It is an incredibly powerful programme for both the participants and their organisations.”
Dawn Codrington-Virtue

“Deciding to become a Springboard trainer has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only has it improved my business 100%, conducting the programme has been rewarding. I believe I am a better person because of it and I know I have made a difference in many women’s lives.”
Kaye Cleave, Australia

“Becoming a Springboard trainer was a catalyst in both my personal and professional life for me and gave me the confidence to apply and achieve an individual National Training Award.”
Lynne Saint, Aylesbury Training Group

“It is now only three years on and with the benefit of hindsight that I realise what a powerful and positive influence the Springboard trainer training was for me! Springboard was the start of me making positive changes in my work and personal life.”
Kim Morgan, Barefoot Coaching

“Springboard is so rewarding – not only for the participants but also for the trainers. The results speak for themselves.”
Tracy Harris

“Delivering over 100 programmes, I have reaped the benefits of Springboard both personally and professionally. Becoming a trainer has taught me the true meaning of assertiveness, image and networking.”
Christine Baines

“Becoming a Springboard trainer involved me in taking a personal risk, learning new skills and boosting my confidence. All that has, I’m sure, made me a better Springboard trainer and made running Springboard programmes a continuing part of my own personal development.”
Valerie Fawcett, Director, Syntagm Ltd.

“The trainers’ course has introduced me to a whole world of possibilities to actualise my potential to help others to become what they want to be and make this world full of understanding, courageous, assertive and co-operative people.”
Usha Pathania, Professor/Director at H.P University, Shimla, India

“Becoming a freelance Navigator Trainer has opened up a new world to me – how great!”
David Adams

“Navigator has given me the opportunity to embark on the next stage of my life. Before I became licensed I was a pissed off, local government employee with hopes but nothing more for a way forward. Four years later I am now an independent trainer and lecturer with a rich portfolio of education and development work.”
Hugh Dennis

“Running the Navigator programme in Australia has been a fantastic experience that has enabled growth for both me and my business.”
Mike Taverner, Taverner Minds, Canberra, Australia

“Sometimes I feel – and think – that being a Navigator trainer is such a gift. To see men growing, developing and changing (including me!).”
Chris Sharpe

“The week I spent becoming a licensed Navigator trainer is a week I will always remember and one that has transformed my entire life, both personally and professionally. Since then, the men I have worked with on Navigator Programmes have continued to amaze me through their passion and growth over the three months – just fabulous.”
Jon Toulson

“A powerful development process in its own right – not simply an event to train trainers to deliver a curriculum.”
Linbert Spencer, Director/Owner, Linbert Spencer Consultancy Ltd

“The most challenging, intensive and wonderful course I have ever been on.”
Chris Green, Training Development Officer, South Wales Police

“I found the Spring Forward trainers’ course inspiring as well as confidence-building. The detailed session plans are extremely helpful, but ‘cloning’ is avoided because you have to create your own version with personal or personally collected stories and scenarios, and deliver it in a way that’s natural to you.”
Julie Hamilton, Research Assistant/ Springboard Trainer, University of Oxford

“Fresh Steps is a must for trainers/facilitators/consultants who want to make a difference to personal development in the workplace. Another “winning” programme from a professional reputable personal development consultancy.”
Annie Kimblin, Looking Glass Consultancy

“A week of hard work – don’t underestimate it! A week of exploration and sharing as we feel our way to how the Fresh Steps programme will really work.”
Dr Sue Hewitt, Director, Milecastle Consultancy

“The Fresh Steps Trainers Course was a delight. It gave me both personal and professional satisfaction and a network of fellow trainers to turn to for advice and support, as well as the incomparable Liz and Jenny.”
Jane Woods, Changing People

“Full, stimulating and extremely worthwhile. A joy to have the opportunity to work with and learn from other trainers.”
Patricia Cresswell, Patricia Cresswell and Associates Ltd

“I found the Fresh Steps trainers’ course invaluable to help me develop myself, skills and my business direction.”
Liz Bailey, Liz Bailey Diversity

Quotes from Participants in the Arab World

  • I have become more capable of setting goals. I gained more confidence. And I Became more flexible. I have learned to say “no”.
  • The programme helped me to get rid of the pressured atmosphere surrounding me, it had created a wonderful opportunity for me, a station to rest, to think again about the development I want for myself.
  • I consider the program a gift that was given to me at this particular time, had it been presented to my earlier I would not have been able to benefit as it is now .. If it was presented later, it may have been too late.
  • At the beginning of my first training day I had thoughts: Why am I here and I have got countless duties and tasks to do? Now, in the last day, I can say how much I want these days to continue.
  • All women are living springboard in a way!!! It’s there in the back of our heads!! This training came as an awaking call for all of us. Appreciate your efforts in spreading this spirit , despite the war in our country.
  • The most important thing is that I am not alone. There are women who are like me, who need someone to take their hand. Who need to reconcile with themselves, and improve their confidence? I learnt to set my goals and put them into action. Springboard was a genuine starting point for me.
  • It helped me discovering myself, abilities and potentials. It is really what every women needs for setting goals and self-development.
  • “Since the inception of the award-winning and critically acclaimed Springboard programme, participants from all over the world have reported exciting changes in their lives, greater confidence, and the skillsets to move forward professionally. These graduates are no exception and are now in a strong position to create their own businesses and continue overachieving in every aspect of their lives.”

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