Introduce an Authentic Leadership Style to Your Business

Skilled, empathetic, authentic leadership is essential for propelling your organisation through challenging times.

Authentic leadership is a style of leadership that emphasises a leader’s transparency, genuineness, and honesty within the workplace. With these behaviours, authentic leaders can build strong and honest relationships in which the team members trust and follow.

Our Authentic Leader programme brings together the best of personal development and a skills-based approach in a collaboration between sister companies Springboard Consultancy and CQM Training & Consultancy.

Authentic Leadership Theory in Practice

Drawing on three decades of professional development services, the Authentic Leader Development Programme will train your future leaders on how to build trust, manage change, nurture relationships, and embrace the challenges of the modern working world.

The Authentic Leader Development Programme will help your leaders to better understand their personal and career aspirations, and show them how these can be combined to unlock peak performance.

They will also learn to understand what drives their behaviours, their preferred communication styles, and the professional impact that these factors can have. With Behavioural Preference Profiling C-Me, your management team can develop an understanding of their own unique leadership style.

The programme is based on three core modules. These can be topped up with additional bite-sized units, some of which will enable the programme to be underpinned by ILM accreditation. The programme can be delivered at two distinct levels, our Authentic Leader Level 3 and/or Authentic Leader Level 5.

Programme Overview

This programme is designed for those aspiring and rising stars who are currently in a team leading or supervisory role looking to move into a more senior position or first time/junior managers that are looking to develop their knowledge and skillset.

Learner Benefits

• Understand leadership style and becoming authentic self.
• Develop a range of key management skills and put them into practice.
• Build on leadership capabilities – motivating and engaging teams,
increasing productivity.
• Create better relationships with colleagues and a more positive
working environment.
• Support idea sharing and networking opportunities

Our Level 5 programme provides a broader outlook of the organisation. This programme is designed for experienced and practicing managers, helping
them to build on their skills and experience, improve performance and prepare for senior management responsibilities. They may be operational managers,
project managers, senior managers.

Learner Benefits

  • Understand leadership style and becoming authentic self.
  • Use core management techniques to drive better results.
  • Develop ability to lead at a high level, motivating and inspiring diverse teams.
  • Provide strategic leadership as well as day-to-day management.
  • Benchmark managerial skills and raise profile within the organisation.
  • Improve communication skills and influence workplace culture.

Tailored programme

  • We will work with you to provide recommendations to suit your requirements, time and budget.
  • Design and choose your programme, to meet the needs of your organisation and teams.
  • Sessions can be delivered in person, virtually or a hybrid approach.
  • Dates of workshops and coaching planned in advance, scheduling around busy periods.
  • Optional accreditation with ILM, as well as optional C-ME profiling assessment.

Open Programme

  • Accessible virtual delivery via MS Teams/Zoom in half day workshop format.
  • Share best practice and network with like minded individuals.
  • Take on the main three core units, or opt for ILM progression to bolster the course with accreditation.
  • Ideal for smaller groups and individuals where tailored approach is not an option
  • All workshop dates provided in advance, with ability to book and pay online.

Authentic Leader Level 3 Programme

  • June 2024

For more information or to book a place please contact us here.

Download Our Interactive Programme Brochure

    Download the Authentic Leader Level 3 (June 2024) Open Programme Brochure

      What our clients say…

      “Springboard has become a regular feature of our training and development programme in the NHS in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough with over 500 women having taken part. Time and time again we see participants on the programme take the knowledge and skills developed through the programme to transform their lives and move forward in their careers. Many of these women come to the programme feeling ‘stuck’ in their career or lacking confidence in their ability to progress. During the months on the programme, their self-esteem increases and their confidence grows. This development programme provides the environment for women to take back control of their lives and start moving forward in line with their values, creating greater happiness and satisfaction.”

      Anita Pisani, Deputy Chief Executive & Director of Workforce and Service Redesign NHS

      “I can’t shout out enough about Springboard! The content was invaluable and particularly as a representative of an older demographic it’s so important to believe the company invests in me and values my experience. It’s difficult to convey how such a small investment of my time has had such a huge positive impact on my work, my morale and my performance. I’ve secured a promotion and ma ready to mentor the next generation to grow our own talent pool.”

      Carol Woodley, Senior Manager Service Delivery, IT services Virgin Atlantic

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